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Intrexx Case Study: Training

DEKRA Akademie GmbH

It is very important for us to have a system that is reliable. Since we have been using Intrexx, the system has been extremely stable and has not crashed once."

Michael Fischer, IT Director

Managing teaching materials clearly

Industries: Education & Research

DEKRA Akademie GmbH is a subsidiary of DEKRA AG. Along with its sister company, DEKRA Qualification, DEKRA Akademie is one of the largest training organisations in Germany, looking back on almost 30 years of experience. At over 100 permanent and 50 project-related locations, DEKRA Akademie offers its clients a comprehensive, up-to-date, and flexible range of services. These services go from one-day seminars to multi-year company-specific training plans.

At the beginning of the new century, DEKRA Akademie wanted to make it simpler for trainers to prepare for courses. In pursuit of this goal, DEKRA Akademie sought out a software solution that would make it easy to upload and download teaching materials and curricula. Furthermore, the solution had to be web-based, so that the DEKRA Akademie trainers could access the various documents from any location.

DEKRA Akademie decided to develop an Enterprise Portal using Intrexx Professional, the platform-independent portal software from the German software company United Planet. Intrexx was chosen because the software is easy to use and allows creating applications quickly without a great amount of programming. Since 2002, authors at DEKRA Akademie have been able to put course documents — such as PowerPoint slides and Word documents — on the Intrexx portal, where they are available to all trainers. This allows providing the most up-to-date course materials on the portal at all times and prevents duplication of work. Because the various materials are clearly organized in categories, trainers see straight away whether material about a specific topic already exists. As a web-based solution, Intrexx Professional allows trainers use external access points to add documents to the system and to download them. This way trainers have the option of preparing their lessons also from home. The trainers enjoy using the system because it makes their work considerably easier. The numerous documents, amounting to many gigabytes of data on the portal, and thereby forming a large knowledge data base, provide just one example of the positive reaction this software has received. In addition, the user interface of the application is extremely user-friendly and easy to understand, which is why the trainers required no special training before using the software.

  • Access to teaching materials and curricula from any location
  • Clear collection and management of documents
  • Avoids duplication of work
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible application possibilities

Approx. 600

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