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Intrexx Case Study: Hardware manufacturer

devolo AG

"While the demands could be met by Intrexx in just three days, the more complex competitors showed no usable results, even after 2 weeks!"

devolo AG speeds up internal procedures

Industries: IT & TC
Products: Connector for Microsoft Exchange
Partner: QuinScape GmbH

devolo AG is the world-wide market leader for Powerline communication solutions. Multiple top-product test reviews and awards as well as over twenty-five million delivered adapters demonstrate their impressive level of success. With their sustainable conduct, devolo stands by their responsibility to their customers, employees and the environment with conviction.

In order to unburden the employees and at the same time, improve the customer service even more, devolo began their search for a new customer management solution. What was important to them was that the solution could be connected to an SQL database and that it offered extensive options for personalization. In addition, the solution should be customizable and expandable to a central work platform for all departments of the company. Replacing the current insular solutions was an additional goal.

In the selection process, the intranet and portal software Intrexx from United Planet came out on top against the more complex competitors and was especially convincing in direct comparison thanks to its speed and flexibility. To find out which solution was the most capable, each system was put to a test. While the demands could be met by Intrexx in just three days, the more complex competitors showed no usable results, even after 2 weeks! In cooperation with the Dortmund-based Intrexx partner QuinScape, devolo AG rapidly created a CRM solution with Intrexx, this was connected to the central database and replaced the previous CRM. As well as the customer data, the customer discounts and the entire communication with the customers is stored in the new devolo Communication Portal (short: decom). In addition, contracts are sorted and saved in a special contract module, and these can be recalled in due time using the follow-up function. In this way, business processes are accelerated, activities are controlled with a specific aim in mind and customers are cared for individually and optimally. The portal, created with Intrexx, should be expanded more and more until it becomes the central work platform for all departments of the company. Therefore it should integrate multiple Access-based tools and insular solutions into the system. The employees enjoy working with the new portal, its benefits are clear in their daily work: They don’t just have a faster solution, but furthermore, they also have a tidy interface, which allows them to control the relevant applications. This not only ensures that the solution is highly accepted by the employees, but also increases the productivity at the same time.

  • Very quick and simple meeting of demands
  • Powerful and efficient CRM and central work platform in one package
  • Customizable and expandable
  • Comprehensive data integration
  • Web-based solution
  • Highly accepted by the employees

Tags: Data integration

QuinScape GmbH

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