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Intrexx Case Study: Banks


"Intrexx has the necessary features, such as security and the latest technology and functions, just as with IBM or SAP. The decisive factor for me was the fact that we only need 10% of the otherwise normal creation time for an application."

Michael Rech, Manager of the ITTAM Department

Interface between SAP and the enterprise portal

Industries: Finance

With over 7.6 million maintained securities accounts, the Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG (dwpbank) is the clear market leader in the securities service. The first transaction bank active in multiple sectors, which launched from a merger in mid-2003, employs approximately 1,350 people at seven locations. The clients of the specialist for process and system services associated with securities processing include the cooperative financial network, large parts of the savings bank financial group, and numerous institutes from the private and commercial bank area, such as the Dresdner Bank or the Postbank.

The merger of the Bank für Wertpapierservice und -systeme AG and the WPS WertpapierService Bank AG in 2003 created the largest securities processor in Germany, the Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG, or dwpbank, for short. Its goal was to improve the communication between the bank’s locations and to establish a central platform where employees can find all information related to their position.

Today, newsletters, appointments and publications, as well as press screenings, works council information and internal job offers, are published in the intranet portal. The flagship of the portal is “PaX”: this project management application covers all operations from project proposal to status reports, change requests, and the final project report. The posted expenses and costs (actual data) of the projects are transferred from the SAP system to the PaX application. Planning information for the costs and expenses of the projects flows from PaX to the SAP system by another route. The external data from SAP can thereby be enriched with new information and used and further processed for diverse evaluations, process handling or updates in the portal. The “promotion catalogue” is an additional application that presents all customer and promotional gifts to the sales and marketing department and makes them available for order. In addition, some Lotus Notes applications were made Webcapable and integrated into the intranet portal.

  • Fast project results with a comparatively frugal budget
  • Interactive applications for employees, resulting in a high degree of acceptance
  • Attractive and clear user interface
  • Presentation of selected information for customers via an extranet
  • Central access point to all information
  • Integration of the most varied of systems

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