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Intrexx success story: Construction

Fira Oy & Fira Palvelut Oy

"We are pleased with the development of Fira group's internal communications with Intrexx. Intrexx and its versatile tools and features support our growth strategy very well. Thank you to Verkkoasema for the support and cooperation."

Annabella Haavisto,
Head of Administration, Fira Oy

Intranet and extranet implemented for improved internal and external communications

Use case: Extranet
Industries: Construction
Products: Intrexx Share, Connector for Microsoft Exchange
Partner: Verkkoasema Oy

Fira Oy is a growing, young and innovative company in the construction industry, whose operating practices are changing the existing ways of thinking and acting in the field. Fira develops and implements service-oriented construction projects for both commercial companies and the public sector. Typical projects include business and office premises, care facilities, industrial premises and power plants, parking solutions and demanding underground structures. Fira‘s subsidiary Fira Palvelut Oy specializes in office and pipe renovation.

Fira had two major requirements. Firstly, the company wanted to establish a powerful intranet platform to facilitate the employees’ access to all information necessary for their daily work. The solution needed to be able to effectively integrate other programs such as Microsoft Exchange or M-Files.

Secondly, Fira required a product that would enable them to create modern and intuitive extranet services for customers such as housing cooperatives, apartment owners and tenants.

The low-code platform Intrexx offered both the ability to design a convenient and attractive extranet to stay in touch with customers and numerous elegant and integrated intranet features. In the freshly designed intranet task lists, schedules and news are available to the users together with numerous CRM components like purchase orders, invoices, tenders and offers. Employees as well as subcontractors are now able to get all the relevant information very quickly. Thanks to the various connectors, employees are able to open files, emails and working processes directly from the intranet user interface. The Connector for Microsoft Exchange integrates the user‘s own calendar from MS Exchange directly into the portal interface. The extranet provides all the relevant facilities to bring end users into contact with Fira. Customers can ask questions or give feedback and Fira’s employees can answer them directly through the browser interface. Thus, they have considerably reduced the amount of email correspondence and can react to customer needs much faster.

  • Everything in one place instead of several separate applications for reading and processing emails and documents
  • Simplification of processes, thanks to low-code
  • Modern look & feel of the new extranet
  • Simplified communication with customers, subcontractors and tenants

Verkkoasema Oy

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