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Intrexx Case Study: Fine cake decorations

Günthart & Co. KG

Intrexx automates processes with data from the IBM AS/400

Industries: Manufacturing
Products: Quality Management Suite for Intrexx, Connector for OData

Günthart is one of the world’s leading companies in the sweet decoration industry. Over 2,000 employees work in 10 countries according to the quality standard ISO 9001:2008, IFS and BRC. Its 60 year experience in the cake decoration industry, its giftware and its passion for new ideas make this company an optimal contact person for sweet cake decorations and innovative gifts.

As part of the switch to the ISO certification, the IT department was given the task of presenting the entire ISO documentation, its forms and operations in electronic form. In the ensuing selection process, the Low-Code platform Intrexx from United Planet won the contract against Microsoft Share-Point and IBM, as they could all fulfill the presented requirements without expensive and time-consuming additional programming.

First results after a few days thanks to Low-Code

The first smaller applications were already created and implemented in the first 2-3 days. Thanks to the graphical user interface from Intrexx, all of this was possible without any programming effort - Low-Code at it's best. However, the main focus was still on the ISO certification. Previously, 68 lever arch binders were needed for the documentation, these contained the manuals for all procedures and work instructions in paper format. Therefore it wasn’t uncommon for something to be overlooked or for a binder to not be so easy find. This process, which was both inconvenient and prone to error, was completely revised using Intrexx. After just one year after the introduction of Intrexx, the ISO certification was carried out completely electronically and paperlessly using the new QM portal. All of the documents that were important to quality management were integrated into the portal with versioning and are now always available here in their most up-to-date form. Should there be a change in a process operation, then the new document is inserted and the old one archived automatically. As well as the staff trainings, the entire complaints organization is handled using the portal. For this purpose, Günthart linked its AS/400 to Intrexx. If complaints, with the relevant customer data and the criticized product, were previously inserted laboriously by hand into an Excel list, then Intrexx automatically takes the article and customer data out of the AS/400 and writes it to a complaints database. Using the analysis function, it’s possible to see which products have received the most complaints and in whose area of responsibility they arise. In doing so, it’s possible to quickly identify potential error sources and to remove them. This consequently led to a noticeable reduction in the number of complaints.

  • Efficient quality management
  • Electronic ISO certification
  • QM documents are guaranteed to be up-to-date
  • Simple connection to the AS/400
  • Overseeable complaint management

Tags: Process Automation

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