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Intrexx success story: Manufacturing


“Intrexx simplifies our work in production. It‘s great fun when all machine data is delivered directly to the tablet with such clarity.”

Patrick Kuner | Head of Laser Technology | Hago Feinwerktechnik GmbH

High ROI achieved with a digital logbook

Use case: Industry 4.0
Industries: Manufacturing

Reshaping, stamping and cutting sheet metal: Since 1970 the company Hago from Küssaberg has been an all-rounder for high-quality and efficient sheet metal solutions. The company philosophy of Hago and its 750 employees is characterized by the willingness to continuously invest in new technologies and implement these successfully.

More transparent and straightforward manufacturing

With the installed hightech, Hago manufactures sheet metal parts in all shapes and sizes – all according to the customers‘ request. The spectrum and possibilities of the modern production range from parts as small as a paper clip through to body panels for buses. Hago can produce in batch sizes from 1 to multiple millions per year and supply renowned customers around the world.

Within the scope of a project, Hago asked themselves how they can shape their manufacturing to make it more straightforward and transparent. With this in mind, the company started an Industry 4.0 project that quickly showed signs of success.

Data used to drive continuous improvement

In collaboration with the software service provider, CEM-Soft, Hago implemented a connection between the PLC control of the ultramodern laser welding machines and the low-code software, Intrexx. This enables them to graphically process data so that it can be viewed immediately – even on mobile devices. This means the team can view the current operating conditions and key figures. As a result, authorized employees have an overview of workload, problems, machine effectiveness and production quality.

This is valuable information for continuous improvement processes and the basis for predictive maintenance. “Today, we can calculate speed factors, carry out quality calculations and create analyses using the OEE. This has already enabled us to greatly increase quality,” says Patrick Kunder, Head of Laser Technology.

Thanks to the low-code solution, the recording of all machine logbooks has been fully automated. In the past, this was all done by hand – including the transposed numbers. This had to be done three times a day per machine with each time taking up 15 minutes. They can now manufacture in the gained time instead. Due to the number of connected machines and the underlying threeshift operation, this increases productivity immensely.

Production could already be improved by 2.3 percent in a short space of time. However, what‘s even more impressive is the increase of quality by 13 percent. The investments into the interface and platform had already paid off after just 6 months.


  • High ROI due to clear reductions in workload
  • Measurable increase in quality and greater productivity
  • Rapid implementation together with the Partner on-site, thanks to low-code

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