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Intrexx success story: Services

HECTAS Facility Services Stiftung & Co. KG

“Intrexx provides us with a wealth of benefits: We save paper, time and labor costs that previously went on searching for information. The users are excited about the speed with which our processes now run.”

Martina Henke, IT Support

No more paper waste – HECTAS gets digital

Use case: Process automation
Industries: Services
Products: Intrexx Share, Quality Management Suite for Intrexx, Individual applications

Everybody probably knows the feeling when you see your holiday request get lost in the pile of paper on your boss’s desk: There’s got to be an easier way! It’s easier at HECTAS. Since 2014, the service provider has consistently modernized such procedures. Less paper, more digital workplace.

Since its establishment in 1974, HECTAS Facility Services Stiftung & Co. KG has developed into one of the leading quality providers in the area of infrastructural facility services. The company’s service offer encompasses multiple aspects of facility management services. These include maintenance, glass, facade and industrial cleaning, green space care, security services and many other services.

The approximately 11,000 Europe-wide employees work every day to bring a satisfied smile to the face of their customers. To do that, their internal procedures need to be as clean and tidy as the property they take care of. By using a digital workplace software, HECTAS is deliberately encouraging the digitalization of their company.

The company’s IT department had a clear picture of what they wanted: All documents should be available clearly in one location meaning employees don’t need to search through any and every storage location every time. From the very beginning of the search for a suitable solution, processes and workflows played an important role, as the project leader Martina Henke reveals: “We wanted to completely move away from paper and model our business processes digitally.”

No rush job – and the employee portal was still created in record time

HECTAS was lacking a classic intranet. A situation that worked for a long time but was never ideal. They wanted to make important documents easier to access. That’s why they started looking for a suitable software. Two solutions quickly emerged that vied for the favor of the decision-makers.

To begin with, another product was taken into consideration because they already had some experience with it. However, building a portal with this to the extent planned would have been incredibly time and cost-intensive. And precisely speed was an argument for its opponent. And that’s how the hour of the underdog came: The software Intrexx, from the software house United Planet in Freiburg, Germany, promised rapid implementation while providing comprehensive options for individualization at the same time.

Ms. Henke is certain: “Developing a similar environment with the other solution would have taken much longer.” With Intrexx, however, many functions were provided at the touch of a button using the applications available for free. “Afterwards, we adjusted the platform step-by-step to our needs with applications tailored to us.” Together with the consulting team from United Planet, HECTAS subsequently created workflows that digitally model the company’s internal procedures.

Low-Code: When transparency meets high process speeds

Wherever workflows and processes are deployed, this results in large reductions in workload for the office workers at HECTAS, for example in approval processes such as holiday or investment requests. Digitalizing procedures provides them with two considerable advantages: greater transparency and a noticeable improvement in process speeds.

“Everything that was previously on paper and had to be moved from one desk to another – and then somehow “evaporated” – is now available at all times. With Intrexx, our processes run more quickly and transparently.” According to Ms. Henke, this also means that the processing/approval status can be tracked at any time.

In comparison to the previous procedures, the simplification is both tangible and measurable according to Ms. Henke. For example, holiday requests previously had to be printed out and signatures had to be obtained from different locations. “Today, the superior receives an email, clicks on a link and the request is already approved. I don’t need a calculator to figure out that that’s much quicker. We save paper, time and particularly labor costs.” Thanks to Low-Code, the platform was precisely tailored to the needs of HECTAS.

The HECTAS headquarters is in Wuppertal. As well as this, the company is active with its 40 offices in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary. To begin with, the digital workplace was only used in the German offices. It didn’t take long before requests from other offices came in. Martina Henke can understand that very well: “The colleagues had a look at our system and thought, ‘Cool, it can be done that quickly? Awesome!’” In the meantime, the portal is available in three languages: German, English and Dutch. This allows 670 employees to conveniently access all current information Europe-wide.

Digital transformation is a marathon and not a sprint

The potential for the future is still great. And there are a number of additional procedures on the agenda, which they want to simplify. The proposals for these primarily come from the users from the individual departments. For example, they are currently working on continuing to improve their layout. The switch to responsive design promises simplified access to the digital workplace with mobile devices.

Is HECTAS planning to tidy up so much that paper completely disappears from their offices? Martina Henke has to smirk at this question: “The paperless office is an ideal that we want to reach in the future, but the journey there is a long one. With Intrexx, we’re one giant leap closer. We’ve already digitalized many, previously paper-based processes and the list is getting longer all the time.”

  • Platform was introduced very quickly
  • Tailored to the individual procedures
  • Reductions in workload thanks to digitalized processes
  • Simplified information exchange between locations
  • Greater transparency and increased process speeds

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