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Intrexx Case Study: Chemistry


"All data is gathered in one central location in the Intrexx portal. Now the employees always know immediately where the information is that they need. This saves us a large amount of time because long search processes through all directories are avoided and there is no more redundant maintenance of data."

Dirk Lücke
Manager of HL-Technology

Optimal management of customer data and documents

Industries: Manufacturing
Partner: Computer live oHG

HL-Technology GmbH, in Herford, offers its customers a broad assortment of chemo-technical standard products and products that are specially tailored to a specific application. Resellers, such as wholesalers and sales agencies, as well as industrial bulk consumers and business enterprises all belong to their list of customers.

Because of the very heterogeneous customer base of HL-Technology GmbH, it often wasn’t easy to conduct efficient customer management in the past. In order to optimize and organize customer management in a clearer manner, they started looking for an efficient and powerful CRM system.

While searching, the industry neutral portal solution Intrexx from the Freiburg-based software producer United Planet quickly drew attention to itself because it offers an efficient and modern customer management solution with its CRM Studio. Together with the IT partner Computer Live, the new system was introduced at the end of 2006.

Approximately 20 employees, which form the core team, enjoy working with the portal because they each notice the benefits that the portal brings. Each employee now knows where the information is that he needs because all data is gathered together in one central location in the Intrexx portal. Long search processes are now a part of the past. In addition, there is no more redundant maintenance of data.

The main application of the portal is the Intrexx CRM Studio, where all customer data can be optimally managed. The entire customer information is stored in one central location there and freely definable activities and processes automatically ensure controlled and rational eBusiness in all work areas. As an example, this means that the creation and processing of tasks relating to customers can now be completely depicted in the portal. This means the management can always inform themselves about the status of upcoming tasks.

Even the document management of HL-Technology GmbH is operated with the portal. With the help of the Xlive File Router, developed by Computer Live, all inbound files are intelligently integrated into the portal. It doesn’t matter if the files are from an application, the scanner, copier or fax, all documents can be transferred quickly and easily to the portal with the Xlive File Router, and are then immediately accessible by everyone there. Using OCR software, even faxes can be indexed with full-text. In this way, “dead pictures” are converted to documents that can be edited without any problems.

  • Efficient and effective CRM system
  • Clear document management
  • Simple application creation via drag & drop
  • Automation of processes
  • Personalized access
  • A portal system that can be expanded as needed

Tags: Data integration

Computer live oHG

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