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Intrexx success story: Manufacturing

KASI, spol. s r. o.

“The ability to be able to share important information at one central point was crucial for us. Intrexx helps us by decisively accelerating our decision and planning processes.”

Petr Kuchyňka, IT Consultant, KASI

Increased efficiency with e-learning in industry

Use case: Data integration
Industries: Manufacturing
Products: Connector for SAP, Individual applications
Partner: XDOC DS s.r.o.

KASI, spol. s r. o. focusses on developing, manufacturing and selling cast iron sewage articles. Founded in 1992, the company, with its headquarters in Přelouč, Czech Republic, is considered to be one of the most modern iron foundries in Europe today. A variety of cast iron sewage articles are monitored both internally and externally in accordance with the requirements of the applicable European regulations. As well as the known standard cast iron sewage articles, the company also sells a variety of new technological solutions, such as self-levelling manhole covers.

To support the development of such innovations, they wanted to improve the information exchange between the Management, Engineering and Production departments. For the IT Consultant of KASI, Petr Kuchyňka, it was especially important to improve the employees’ access to information. To start with, a variety of intranet and portal solutions were taken into consideration. As well as connecting to the SAP system, they also wanted to be able to integrate a number of other third-party systems.

E-learning directly on the shop floor

The aspect of data integration tipped the balance. Only one of the solutions tested by KASI was capable of incorporating all required data sources. And this solution offered even more: the networking platform made it possible to play e-learning offers and tutorials directly on smart TVs on the production line. The fact that a competent contact person, X-Document House Prague, was on-site for questions and support made it even easier to opt for the software, Intrexx.

The new portal went live after less than three months. It’s being developed continually up until today and is therefore being optimally adjusted to the changing needs of KASI. The company makes use of custom-made applications which can be created rapidly with Intrexx.

Two applications are currently in focus. The first of these is a reporting tool which is utilized to plan and control production. Clear, graphical assessments provide a quick overview of the current production status. According to Mr. Kuchyňka, the efficiency could be increased considerably thanks to this. Scrap during production could be reduced and the development of new ideas proceeds in a more goal-driven manner and therefore more economically.

The other central application is the e-learning platform. The solution is in use around the clock and supports employees during production with tutorials and assistance. The information can be transmitted directly from the Development department to the Production department. This saves a lot of time. This means that production workers are able to implement changes quickly or manufacture new products. And all of this is possible without training because they get all of the information they need online via smart TVs at their workplace. Furthermore, errors or wastages can be reported and possible improvements can be suggested. This leads to a reduction in used materials and thus, outgoings as well.

ROI in just 1.5 months - Low-Code makes it possible

Mr. Kuchyňka is very pleased to be able to develop his own features and even applications for the portal by himself: “It’s even faster than commissioning the work to a service provider! In the time it previously took just to write a description of the desired features, our applications are already finished.” Low-Code enabled a fast but still accurate creation of applications that exactly meet the special needs of KASI.

The portal at KASI ensures improved information exchange and quicker procedures. The seamless connection of Intrexx to SAP, which is then coupled with the system typical for iron foundries, OPTI, plays a large role here. Intrexx serves as a nexus and conveniently makes relevant data accessible. Thanks to the savings made possible, the entire investment payed off in a possibly record-breaking time of just one and a half months according to Mr. Kuchyňka.

Because of the rate of return, KASI has successively expanded the portal with additional features. They’ve already got plans for an absence calendar and an application for planning resources. The largest Czech cast iron sewage article manufacturer is therefore in a great position regarding digitalization and can thus continue to build on their position as the market leader.

  • Provision of e-learning for production workers
  • Improved interactions between individual departments
  • ROI after just 1.5 months
  • Faster procedures, notable increases in efficiency

Current production status Product description

Screenshot #1: Current production status
Screenshot #2: Product description

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