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Intrexx Case Study: Health and social care provider

Katholische Jugendfürsorge der Diözese Augsburg e.V. (Catholic youth welfare Augsburg)

“Intrexx accompanies us on our way to consistent modernization. Connection, simplification and understandability all makeup the triad which describes our employee portal very effectively.”

Raphael Doderer,
Director of Marketing and Communications

Creating ways to interact with Intrexx Share

Industries: Non-profit organizations
Products: Intrexx Share, Quality Management Suite for Intrexx, Individual applications, Content Management System for Intrexx

Founded in 1911, the Katholische Jugendfürsorge der Diözese Augsburg (Catholic youth welfare for the diocese of Augsburg, KJF) is an umbrella organization to which over 80 different health and social care providers within the diocese of Augsburg belong. Every year, 75,000 people make use of the various facilities’ services in the areas of medicine, schools, occupational training and integration and help for children and youth.

Person-to-person encounters are at the heart of the KJF’s work. This principle not only applies to dealing with clients and patients but also to the interactions between employees. In order to encourage these interactions even more, the outdated intranet was to be replaced by a modern employee portal. This should conveniently provide central services and information as well as encourage teamwork and the exchange of knowledge.

In view of the KJF’s demanding functional specifications document, the software Intrexx was best able to stand the test. The project leader Raphael Doderer made the following comment about their decision: “Most of all, we were convinced by the entirety of the Intrexx technology, with its apps, quality management suite and social component Intrexx Share.” During the search process, it became clear that the specific requirements could be best fulfilled by a social collaboration software. For this reason, Intrexx Share constitutes the core of the KJF portal and has been set as its homepage.

Previously, a communicational barrier existed because the employees are spread out across over 80 locations. The KJF’s new portal enables them to directly exchange information across departmental and locational borders. This guarantees that clients in different areas can be provided for at the highest standard, at every location. Furthermore, the portal provides multiple applications that help simplify the daily workday of the staff and standardize procedures. Thanks to the sanctions & quality management as well as the knowledge database, the work in each individual member facility could be improved and structured more efficiently, the clients and patients benefit from this.

According to Doderer, the portal is being used in an extensive manner: “The quality management, knowledge management and internal communication are all gathered together under one roof here. It doesn’t matter if an employee is doing social youth work at an external school or is onsite at the office, everyone has access to the central knowledge and quality platform.”

  • Networking of multiple employees
  • Central knowledge and quality platform
  • Highly accepted by the employees
  • Interactions go beyond the boundaries of departments and locations
  • Secure, easy to maintain and flexibly adjustable

Tags: Collaboration

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