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Intrexx success story: Non-profit organizations

Katholische Jugendfürsorge der Diözese Augsburg e.V.

“Intrexx accompanies us on our journey towards consistent modernization. Networked, simplified and understandable is the triad that describes our employee portal very well.”

Raphael Doderer, Head of the Marketing and Communication Department

Mobile first! – Mobile intranet access for all KJF staff

Use case: Collaboration
Industries: Non-profit organizations
Products: Quality Management Suite for Intrexx, Intrexx Share, Individual applications, Content Management System for Intrexx

Founded in 1911, the Katholische Jugendfürsorge (KJF) der Diözese Augsburg (Catholic youth welfare for the diocese of Augsburg) is a modern social organization to which over 80 different health care and social care providers and educational facilities belong. These are spread out across more than 150 locations in Swabia and Upper Bavaria. More than 5,500 employees help about 125,000 children, young people, families and adults with difficulties and questions each year – for example in vocational training centers, clinics and residential groups. Beyond this, around 200,000 further customers make use of the services of the KJF inclusive companies, including a hotel and a nature theme park in the Lake Constance region.

Person-to-person encounters are at the heart of the KJF’s work. This principle not only applies to dealing with clients and patients but also to the interactions between employees. Not only did the KJF want to better network employees but also to provide them with access to the employee portal, and the knowledge it contains, wherever they are via the Intrexx Mobile App. In doing so, the interaction and collaboration, which were noticeably improved in 2015 thanks to the new employee portal with the social collaboration software ‘Intrexx Share’, were raised up to an even higher level. Faithful to the motto “Mobile first”, the employees spread across more than 150 locations can use the Intrexx applications optimized for smartphones. The first and most important application is ‘Intrexx Share’ as a central communications tool. Further applications are to be optimized for mobile devices in 2019. With ‘Intrexx Share’, internal messages and groups can be viewed conveniently on mobile devices, and incoming messages and requests can be responded to quickly and easily.

Thanks to ‘Intrexx Share’, there’s more time for working with people, and exchanges between staff are faster, simpler and even more personal. As the access to the mobile portal is purely voluntary, the introduction should be accompanied and communicated with an internal marketing campaign.

Recruitment management – everything in one place, always the right contact person
At the end of 2016 the KJF additionally standardized its recruitment management across all locations and digitalized all of the process steps with the Intrexx application. The facilities can put together their job advertisements on-site using a central toolkit with text and image components, and then publish these internally as well externally once the online release has been given by the central HR department. With the toolkit, the HR department ensures that the job advertisements conform to legal standards (such as the AGG (General Act on Equal Treatment)) and also that the language is uniform in the sense of employer branding. The incoming applications are also completely processed through the Intrexx application and passed on to the corresponding contact person within the KJF.  These receive a message in real-time in ‘Intrexx Share’ and can therefore respond accordingly. Once more, this step positions ‘Intrexx Share’ as a pivotal element of the internal communication and collaboration at the KJF. In comparison to earlier, the processing and managing, through low-code of the approx. 150 occupational groups is simplified and accelerated immensely.

Additionally, the recruitment management application has a fully-automated XML interface to the regional newspapers “Augsburger Allgemeine” and “Allgäuer Zeitung”, so that job advertisements are automatically added to their online job markets. PDFs for the printed advertisements are created automatically as well. All advertisements are also published to the central KJF career portal and facilities’ websites – these are respectively filtered automatically – via the XML interface. The applicants can use any of the available ways – from the career portal, via the media portals through to the facilities’ websites – to send in their online application. All they need to do is click on “Apply now!”. All data is stored and processed centrally in the Intrexx application. This not only simplifies the job advertisements but also saves a great deal of man-hours for the large amount of application processes. By using Intrexx, it’s ultimately much easier for those interested in working with the KJF to apply. This is a big advantage especially in times of skilled worker shortage.

  • Mobility and flexibility, thanks to low-code
  • Work groups and employee networking
  • Quality management
  • Human resources (job advertisement and recruitment management)
  • Knowledge exchange and knowledge management
  • Employee services (information for staff about life and job situations)
  • Employee discounts and offers

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