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Intrexx success story: Energy

Kraftwerke Oberhasli

“With Intrexx, we create our own applications extremely quickly. The areas of application range from the intranet through to Industry 4.0. We can utilize data from almost any source – regardless of whether it  comes from web applications or sensors. As a result, Intrexx creates real added-value for our employees and customers.”

Wolfgang Sutter | Head of IT and Management Systems | Kraftwerke Oberhasli

Industry 4.0 between heaven and earth

Use case: Industry 4.0
Industries: Energy
Products: Individual applications

The Grimsel Area – mighty mountains, steep cliffs and water in all its phases. Power is generated here that supplies energy to large parts of Switzerland. The Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG (KWO - Power Stations Oberhasli) produce up to 2,300 gigawatt hours per year. They not only rely on water streams but also on data streams. The KWO makes these commercially usable with the software, Intrexx.

Traditional company with the modernest technology

With almost 100 years of history, the KWO is a company between tradition and modernity. On the one hand, for example, there is the upkeep of the historic Alpine hotel, Grimsel Hospice. On the other hand, there is the use of the modernest technologies. In this respect, the KWO was using Industry 4.0 technologies long before the term “Industry 4.0” even existed.

Low-Code at it's best: various systems, all united in one platform

In 2010, the KWO introduced an intranet based on the software, Intrexx. They soon realized that the low-code development software had a lot more potential than just developing a classic intranet. Project leader Wolfgang Sutter says, “With Intrexx, almost anything is possible. Our employees no longer wanted to work without the portal. Due to the positive feedback and because the software can be implemented in the widest range of scenarios, we have been developing the functions step by step since then.”

Today, the KWO connects a large amount of data in their Intrexx portal - thanks to Low-Code, the processes were adapted exactly to the requirements of the KWO. The system analyzes more than 100 data records per second, for example from the weather stations that are installed at various points in the area, which is up to more than 2,200 meters above sea level. In addition, data from external data sources, such as the daily avalanche warning, is processed in the system.

If nothing else, this increases safety for the more than 12,000 visitors each year that utilitze the tourism offer of the KWO. At all times, they can track how many places are still available in the cable cars, which groups are being lead by the mountain guides and how many people are at each location. This means no one goes missing, even in the 30-kilometer-long tunnel system beneath the Grimsel Pass.

At the same time, the KWO reduces workloads and increases efficiency with its “Industry 4.0” portal. All important information, regardless of whether it comes from sensors or web applications, is available at all times online. And many processes practically run by themselves. For example, the control of the mountain railways is fully automated.


  • Rapid development of custom applications
  • Information from various data sources can be utilized
  • Processes are automated and continuously improved, thanks to low-code

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