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Intrexx Case Study: Public administration

Administrative district of Potsdam-Mittelmark

"Back then, we decided on Intrexx because the software is comparatively inexpensive, and it enabled us to adjust and expand the portal on our own, without requiring extensive resources or great expense."

Beatrix Ebert, in charge of the intranet for
the administrative district of Potsdam Mittelmark

Potsdam-Mittelmark hooks up employees, citizens and partners

Industries: Public Administration
Products: Individual applications

Since 1994, the German administrative districts of Belzig, Brandenburg-Land and Potsdam-Land, as well as the local authorities of the administrative office of Treuenbrietzen, are now consolidated in the new administrative district of Pots-dam-Mittelmark. The headquarters of the district office are in the town Belzig.

In order to keep administrative district employees up-to-date on new develop-ments, the administrative district created an intranet, in addition to its external website, early on. Until a few years ago, as is the case with many administrative bodies, this intranet consisted of purely static HTML pages, which were centrally maintained. However, the IT department quickly determined that they could achieve much more by using an “Enterprise Portal”.

After intensive research, the administrative district of Potsdam-Mittelmark de-cided to use the Intrexx Professional solution from the Freiburg software producer, United Planet in 2004. The portal enables approximately 900 employees at differ-ent locations to access more than 100 different applications, which simplifies it working together very much. For example, the administrative district employees can get information about internal training courses on the portal and register right away. Electronic time recording is also coupled with the portal. Holidays and business trips are entered on the portal and then adjusted in accordance with time records. Due to the fact that all geographic plans and data (e.g. on land utilisation, abandoned or polluted areas, or tourism) are centrally recorded on the portal and can be accessed there from the individual municipalities, inter-municipal cooperation was also made much easier. Intrexx also helped to further improve services for citizens. Ideas and complaints from citizens no longer end up in written form on the desks of employees, but instead are immediately for-warded to the respective department via the portal. This saves time and provides the responsible administrative leadership with a good overview of all received cases. In the future, the data from the intranet that is also of interest to citizens of the administrative district (e.g. data on natural and historical monuments, or day-care centres) will also be immediately accessible in the Internet via Intrexx. The new employee portal provides good services for both internal and external use: for employees it makes it easier to work together. Citizens, municipalities and external partners benefit from up-to-date information and prompt processing of their requests. Without a doubt, the administrative district of Potsdam-Mittelmark serves as a role model in the field of municipal eGovernment.

  • Increased simplification of processes
  • Information is distributed to all locations
  • Efficient data management with less paper waste
  • User-friendly interface
  • Portal system can be enhanced as needed

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