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"Intrexx Share has ensured that, at last, we communicate sensibly. I am particularly pleased that apparently complex problems have been resolved once and for all and the internal email traffic has been reduced by 90 percent."
Marcel Patalon, Head of Digital Communication and CRM

90 percent less emails thanks to Intrexx Share

Use case: Collaboration
Industries: Trade
Products: Intrexx Share, Connector for OData

Megazoo, a subsidiary of the Fressnapf Group, is active as a retail chain store in the premium sector. In the 19 stores in Germany and Austria customers buy a wide selection of pet food and accessories, as well as obtaining guidance when buying house pets. For reasons of animal welfare no cats or dogs are sold in the Megazoo stores.

Like all chain stores in the retail industry, Megazoo struggled with problems caused by a lack of communication. Goods were ordered twice since there was no contact between the individual stores. The outcomes of this were extra costs for purchasing, warehousing and logistics. The poor communication had a negative impact on staff shortages or caused unforeseen events. A search for a solution to bring the communication back on track was therefore initiated.

During the search for possible solutions Megazoo quickly landed on the low-code development platform Intrexx Share. They have been convinced of the benefits of Intrexx Professional since 2006, long before Intrexx Share was released in 2012. “We had good reasons to choose Intrexx”, was the general thinking. The responsibility for implementation and operation was transferred to Marcel Patalon. The 31-year-old is Head of Digital Communications and CRM. He trained as a journalist and describes himself tongue-in-cheek as an “all-purpose weapon for the issues of customer loyalty, online marketing and communication”.
Instead of deliberating for a long time, they simply went ahead. A focus group of management, graphics and communications departments and a store manager together worked out what a social business solution needed to be able to do to actually ease the work in the stores and in the headquarters. After less than 2 weeks Intrexx Share was launched with the animal-themed name “my MIAU” („myMEOW“).

  • 90 percent less emails and significantly improved communication
  • more time for customer advice, instead of annoying, time-consuming emails
  • significantly improved knowledge exchange and transfer across departments
  • significantly reduced costs for purchasing, warehousing, logistics all thanks to low-code

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