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Intrexx Case Study: Church

Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat Freiburg

“Intrexx Project Management pro-vides functions that we’d previously always wanted. Because of that, we benefit from clear reductions in workload and are very satisfied.”

Monika Steiert, Specialized Leader for Projekt Work

Simplification of work due to standardized processes/workflows

Industries: Non-profit organizations
Products: Connector for OData, Content Management System for Intrexx, Individual applications, Intrexx Share

In close vicinity to the Freiburg Minster, the Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat (Ar-chiepiscopal Ordinariate) is the administration center of the Archdiocese Freiburg. It houses the office of the Archbishop, the departments and admin-istration, as well as the officialate.

The department for the world-wide church is the intersection of the archdiocese with local churches in other countries and continents. It supports pastoral and social projects worldwide. These range from building churches and chapels to advanced trainings and projects aimed at improving the water supply. The software that was used up to now to manage the incoming support proposals (up to 400 per year) was getting long in the tooth. It should therefore be replaced by a contemporary solution – ideally without a great deal of development effort and independent of external programmers.

The Archiepiscopal Ordinariate has already been using an employee portal based on the software Intrexx for over ten years, this supports the roughly 200 employees with their daily tasks. Based on the good experience up until now, it was obvious to them that their project management application could be implemented with the portal software.

Tailored processes thanks to Low-Code

According to Specialized Leader for Project Work Monika Steiert, the application could be created quickly and resulted in clear reductions in workload: “The aspects that proved successful in the old program could be carried over to the new application. Furthermore, more features were added that simplify our work.” Here the Ordinariate benefited from the advantages of Low-Code: On the graphical development interface, the processes could be defined exactly as they were needed via drag and drop - fast, simple and yet individually adapted. Everything runs through the application, from the arrival of a proposal to the final report and invoice. Balance transfers can be prepared using the application and finally, the entire process of each project can be issued in a clear manner as a PDF.

Regardless of whether it concerns pastoral courses or the acquisition of a vehicle: the application ensures that proposals are compiled and processed rapidly. This application is directly integrated into the employee portal of the Archiepiscopal Ordinariate. The portal provides the personnel with a large amount of relevant information. As well as its function with the project man-agement, the portal depicts other additional processes such as vehicle man-agement or room bookings, and is therefore their central work area.

  • Reduction in workload thanks to standardized processes/workflows
  • All the information is readily available
  • Flexibly adjustable and expandable
  • Modern and future-proof
  • Independence from external programmers

Tags: Process automation

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