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Intrexx success story: Construction

Otto Heil GmbH & Co. KG

„By introducing the 'Digital Construction' system, we can see the exact location of our equipment and can therefore eliminate the 'human factor’. This makes it easier for our dispatching department to distribute the equipment according to demand; this results in greater plannability. Furthermore, it gives us a quick overview of our formwork.“

Joachim Fella, Authorized Officer, Otto Heil GmbH & Co. KG

All assets in view thanks to a digitalized construction site

Use case: Process automation
Industries: Construction
Products: Individual applications
Partner: SYFIT GmbH

Otto Heil is a medium-sized group of companies with roots in Unterfranken (Lower Franconia). As an expert in concrete, structural and civil engineering, Otto Heil develops, renovates, builds and manages real estate. With the low-code platform Intrexx, Otto Heil has optimally equipped itself for the future and taken a big step towards digitalizing its construction sites.

With many projects running in parallel in different areas, it is not always easy to keep track of all assets and deliveries. It's a good thing that Otto Heil was able to build a comprehensive solution for digitalizing its processes with the low-code platform Intrexx. The "Digital Construction" solution from Intrexx partner Syfit now keeps the more than 300 employees of the German medium-sized company happy in their daily work.

Wanted: A reliable dispatch system
Otto Heil had difficulties with its old dispatch system. The problem: not all delivery slips were reliably received by the logistics department. This meant that sometimes equipment was still booked at a construction site even though it was no longer there at all.

Otto Heil also wanted to optimize its inventory management by purchasing its own new formwork. Especially when no foreman was present when the construction sites were cleared, inaccuracies occurred when writing the slips.

Found: A comprehensive solution for the digital construction site
Together with the Intrexx partner Syfit, the “Digital Construction” solution was created and developed at Otto Heil. The decision-makers at Otto Heil were immediately convinced by Intrexx: the easy and fast deployment of the application clearly spoke for the low-code solution. It was essential that the application could be flexibly adjusted to the special needs of Otto Heil.

With the Intrexx solution “Digital Construction”, a central platform was created where information and processes related to Otto Heil's construction projects are brought together. Thanks to the flexibility of low-code, some requirements could be realized quickly and easily.

Otto Heil, for example, wanted to equip its control panels and all its equipment with Bluetooth beacons to get a better overview of its assets. A mobile app specially developed for Otto Heil and permanently installed Bluetooth hubs now automatically feed information into the portal. Employees can now see where a particular asset is located at any time - even on the move thanks to a practical smartphone app.

In the beginning, Otto Heil’s employees were skeptical about the “Digital Construction” solution. This is because the new process impacts existing processes to a certain extent. But after only a short time, they recognized the advantages of the new solution and are now happy to work with “Digital Construction”. After all, these solutions save them many tedious steps and lengthy searches every day.

Guaranteed future - Next steps are already in the pipeline
The “Digital Construction” solution is web-based and therefore available in a browser at any time - even on mobile devices. The platform independence and open system architecture of Intrexx guarantee the future security of the investment for Otto Heil.

And thanks to the limitless possibilities of low-code, the next steps on the way to a fully digitalized construction site are already being planned at Otto Heil: the next step will be to facilitate inventory tracking. In addition, there are plans to digitally store manuals for the respective devices so that this information can be accessed at any time and in any place. Another step that will be addressed with Intrexx is the digital electrical inspection.

The highlights

  • Increase in sales due to faster project completion
  • Reduction of material costs due to fast locating
  • Lower logistics costs
  • Reduction of working hours and labor costs at construction sites

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