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Intrexx Case Study: Municipal service provider for housing, construction and urban development

ProPotsdam GmbH

“The employee portal developed on the basis of Intrexx is an important step in the corporate development of ProPotsdam GmbH. By replacing the in-house developed intranet with a modern employee portal, we can now provide our staff with a central tool that supports their daily work processes by deliberately providing and linking information.”
Jörn-Michael Westphal, Managing Director, ProPotsdam GmbH

Seamless transition from intranet to employee portal

Industries: Public administration
Partner: City & Bits GmbH

Intrexx makes property management “social”
The municipal housing company ProPotsdam GmbH is the leading provider in urban sanitation, urban development, residential construction and housing care. As the largest housing provider with a portfolio of almost 17,000 rented apartments and about 280 employees, administrating, renting and managing these properties is at the core of its business actions. ProPotsdam GmbH puts special emphasis on mobility, communication and service orientation to enable its staff to efficiently administrate properties.

The housing company ProPotsdam GmbH took consistent steps towards technical renewal and replaced the existing intranet with an Intrexx solution that made an up-to-date employee portal, augmented by a social intranet, a reality. By intelligently linking property data from SAP with the task and project management system and Intrexx Share, the portal could be precisely adjusted to the specific work processes. With over 30 applications, the Intrexx-based portal solution proves to be a flexible, extendable and communications-friendly alternative to other software products.

Based on the requirements, the PHP-based intranet, which had been developed in-house up until then, was to be expanded into a central tool for real estate management that would allow users to manage property profiles, press releases, internal communications and task management via a central platform. Ultimately, the intelligent link to central data from SAP, the versatile customization options and mobile access to the system were pivotal in the decision for the Intrexx solution from United Planet and City & Bits GmbH.

Making the entire property portfolio available for the day-to-day work processes is crucial for the business of a large municipal housing company. Thanks to the built-in, diverse Intrexx interfaces, all property profiles with relevant data from SAP are provided to the business processes and automatically supplemented with additional data such as images and energy certificates. When a user opens the employee portal in the browser, he or she is logged in automatically using his or her Windows user account.
Using so-called portlets, the key content from the most important of the more than 30 applications (such as Press Review) is presented on the homepage without users needing to open the application separately. Thanks to Intrexx’s highly differentiated permissions management system and customization options even at the data record level, every employee only sees the information that is actually relevant to his or her work. And of course, all central functions and applications of the portal can be accessed via the well-laid-out and clear interface.

As a result, the employees at ProPotsdam are always able to see up-to-date company figures (such as vacancies, TOP objects, etc.) and access the latest documents that they collaboratively work on via the central document management system. Other important processes were also realized in the portal: a ticket system that categorizes and forwards requests to the IT department, or appraisals can be created, transferred and viewed in a convenient manner.

Moreover, in the interest of the company culture, ProPotsdam wanted to use the employee portal to support good communication and keep employees up to date about internal news and press releases, as well as encourage interactions between employees via Intrexx Share. The in-house social intranet “My Portal” implemented with this in mind, not only provides personal notifications and general information but also allows employees to control pending tasks and processes that they are involved in.

Due to its very lean, fast and flexible basic structure, the individual employee portal, which was created with the support of City & Bits and on the basis of Intrexx, enables ProPotsdam to upgrade the existing functions or to expand the portal with additional applications. Users can straightforwardly customize the portal pages themselves, and future requirements can be incorporated into the processes of the housing company and networked smartly.

  • Quick access to key company data
  • Access to existing databases via diverse interfaces
  • Mobile browser-based applications
  • Individual access for employees thanks to differentiated permissions management and customizations
  • Direct communication and flexible collaboration thanks to the social intranet as the central work platform

Tags: Data integration

City & Bits GmbH

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