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Intrexx Case Study: Energy services


"I am convinced that the future of customer management lies with portals. Simply because, with a portal solution like Intrexx, there are many more possibilities. Given the chance to start over, we wouldn’t change a thing!"

Michael Drönner, Manager of the ebusiness department

Replacement of mySAP CRM with a web-based sales portal

Industries: Energy
Products: Connector for SAP
Partner: QuinScape GmbH

SAG GmbH is one the leading service and system suppliers of energy related infrastructure for utilities and industrial companies in Germany. In order to ensure the best possible customer proximity, SAG is represented by about 80 locations in Germany. SAG’s core business, with help from around 5,400 employees, generates a turnover of approx. 800 million Euros.

After separating from the RWE Group in 2006, SAG found that their previous customer management system (mySAP CRM) was too complex and inflexible to suit the needs of their company alone. They began searching for an alternative that could provide a clear overview of all customer information and map the entire life cycle of a quotation within their system. In addition, the solution had to be able to interface with the SAP ERP system, allowing customer data to be exchanged between the two systems and avoiding duplicate management of data.

As no conventional CRM system was able to fulfil all of SAG’s requirements, the decision was reached to create the SAG-Vertriebs-Portal (SVP) using Intrexx portal software. SAG turned to QuinScape GmbH, as one of the Intrexx business partner companies, to implement the project. After the kick-off, all relevant data (customers, contact persons, business opportunities, sales organisation) from mySAP CRM was integrated into the new system. Now each sales and distribution employee at every location has access to the same customer database. This company-wide integration allows for the standardisation of important business processes, such as the creation of quotations, thereby closing any gaps in the internal process chain.

The Intrexx Business Adapter for SAP ensures that access to customer data is possible without having to switch from one medium to another. All data is now much easier to find than before and is very clearly displayed. In addition to general customer data, the business opportunities, activities, and planned marketing activities of the company are stored in the SVP and linked with workflows. Additionally, the SVP provides comprehensive information on how particular quotations were generated as well as why and to whom these deals were lost. Creating evaluations is simple, as all of the SVP’s overview pages can be saved in PDF format or exported to Excel. Additionally, the flexibility of the software allows for a quick reaction to new requirements and suggestions for improvement from employees.

  • Comprehensive customer management solution
  • Quick location of information
  • Flexibly adaptable and expandable
  • Cost-conscious solution
  • Detailed evaluation options
  • Almost no training required

QuinScape GmbH

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