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Intrexx success story: Manufacturing

SAUTER Germany

"With Intrexx, we can offer our customers fast individual solutions and are always up to speed."

Nicole Maier, Assistant CIT Manager at SAUTER Germany

Clever collaboration, both internally and externally

Use case: Intranet, Extranet
Industries: Manufacturing
Products: Document Management for Intrexx, Connector for OData, Individual applications

SAUTER implements a wide range of projects in innovative building management. Thanks to Intrexx, the company can depend on a strong digital infrastructure - both internally and externally. An intranet ensures effective communication across locations, while building process management software ensures smooth building management and communication with customers. And both portals continue to grow: new in-house developments are added every year. This means that SAUTER is always optimally positioned and has a clever, digital answer at hand for every new requirement.

SAUTER Germany has a total of 38 offices throughout Germany and generates an annual turnover of over 280 million euros. Sauter-Cumulus GmbH develops and manufactures products that are used in room and building management. These include, for example, room automation systems as well as sensors and actuators for the entire HVAC and room automation technology. The affiliated company Sauter FM GmbH specializes in facility management services. This includes the maintenance and repair of technical building systems as well as the smooth and energy-efficient running of properties. The company employs around 1,400 people in Germany.

An intranet for smooth communication...
To network its various locations in Germany, SAUTER was looking for a powerful intranet. It was important that the solution really lined up with the individual requirements. Intrexx was able to convince those responsible because, with the low-code platform, applications could be tailored to the specific needs of the employees. This is where the great virtue of low-code comes into play: SAUTER can easily develop individual, strong solutions itself without having to face long distances and high costs for consulting and external developers.

Intrexx was used to implement various applications that make daily work at SAUTER easier: A document management system ensures secure and transparent administration across different locations. For the employees, the portal is the central hub for the widest variety of matters and processes: Whether it's a travel request, the creation of business cards, or suggestions for improving the company - all of this runs through the Intrexx platform. Training, education and advanced training are also booked and managed in this way. New in-house developments are added every year. This means that SAUTER is always optimally positioned and has a clever, digital answer at hand for every new requirement.

...and an extranet for satisfied customers
SAUTER's customers also benefit from Intrexx: They can contact SAUTER quickly via the customer portal, which was specially developed with Intrexx. The building process management software shows its strengths when it comes to facility management. Detailed documentation ensures optimum transparency for the properties that SAUTER manages for its customers. All reports and data are always up-to-date and easy to access. Dashboards allow customers to see the current status of their property at a glance.

If there are any disruptions, they can be reported and resolved in a short time via the integrated ticket system. Services of all kinds are also handled in an uncomplicated and transparent manner via this software.

Thanks to Intrexx, SAUTER is well-positioned both externally and internally. Moreover, the solution can always be adapted to new requirements. Thanks to low-code, such adjustments can be made without any problems - so SAUTER is also well prepared for the future.


  • powerful intranet with a document management system and travel management system
  • strong customer portal with a ticket system and dashboards
  • many in-house developments thanks to low-code 


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