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Intrexx success story: Public administration

Senate Department for Finance

"With Intrexx, we have made our processes OZG-compliant (Online Access Act). As a result, low-code has become a real recipe for success for us."

Ralf Meyer, Digitalization Coordinator, Senate Administration for Finance Berlin

Claiming loss of earnings digitally - online applications complement Berlin Senate's Corona emergency aid package

Use case: Extranet, Process automation
Industries: Public administration
Partner: Moysies & Partner

In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought public life to a near standstill. As a result, many companies and self-employed professionals found themselves in economic difficulties. To claim the resulting loss of earnings, those affected can submit applications for compensation to the state of Berlin. With Intrexx, the process is completely digital - so it only takes a few minutes for a submitted application to find its place in the e-folder.

The Senate Department for Internal Affairs and Sports and the Senate Department for Finance in Berlin have opted for a fully digitalized online application process. Using Intrexx as a basis, online applications from the core service “Digital Application” are orchestrated with the e-folder system of the Senate Department of Finance. This is the first time in Berlin that an administrative process has been fully digitalized in accordance with the Online Access Act and the E-Government Act.

Moysies & Partner used the low-code platform Intrexx to develop an integration platform for the automatic processing of online applications and filing in the e-folder. Applications are now submitted via an online portal. All specialist data and attachments from the XÖV (XML in public administration) standard are also processed and stored automatically. In this process step, the applications are temporarily stored, and the retrieval is logged in detail. 

On the other side, the applications are automatically loaded into the e-folder via another interface. Here the applications are assigned to existing tasks, business cases, saved attachments and processing status. All steps are completely digital, automated, and take current IT standards in public administration into account. This means that the applications submitted are available to the specialized department immediately after they have been submitted.

The finished portal in just a few weeks - despite COVID

Implementing the project quickly became a real challenge due to the adverse conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the professional teamwork of all the contacts and departments involved, it was nevertheless possible to implement a fully usable solution within just a few weeks that provides valuable services to both citizens and the Senate Department of Finance. 

The role of the administrative staff is now to provide quality assurance of the submitted applications and ongoing monitoring. The department can fully concentrate on the technical processing of applications in the e-folder. With the new citizen portal, affected applicants benefit from significantly streamlined processing and faster handling of submitted applications.


  • Implementation in a few weeks despite COVID-19
  • Extreme acceleration thanks to process automation
  • Significant simplification of daily work
  • Citizen-oriented online services incl. faster results


Moysies & Partner
Moysies & Partner

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