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Intrexx success story: Manufacturing

SIG Combibloc

"Thanks to the flexible and quickly adaptable software and with the very well-regulated access to SAP data via OData, we are able to make the best of the situation with our existing developers. All future customer solutions will therefore be Intrexx-based. The attractive design is very important for us. The Intrexx standard looked better than anything that Web Dynpro could ever achieve."

Torsten Hesener,
SIG Combibloc Group AG

Intrexx knocks out Web Dynpro

Use case: Extranet
Industries: Manufacturing
Products: Connector for SAP Gateway

As a manufacturer of carton packaging and filling machines for beverages and food, SIG Combibloc makes sure that its customers have reliable machines running. Downtime costs money. To ensure the global supply of spare parts at all times, a multilingual spare parts shop was introduced. Here, Intrexx serves as a front end to SAP data.

With the new shop software customers and SIG subsidiaries are connected to the global SIG ERP system worldwide without a separate SAP ERP. The demands for the shop are varied: in addition to the simple ordering of spare parts for filling machines, the solution always determines the current material master data, individual prices and availability locally and globally from the SAP system. Furthermore, the shop offers access to a spare parts catalog with 2D and 3D models of spare parts and equipment for ease of ordering, enables the upload of Excel lists and passes the items contained to the shopping cart. Frequently ordered combinations can also be saved. Further functionalities include the tracking of orders and shopping carts and approval workflows, including mobile approvals. It was also important that the design met the global CI guidelines and that SIG should also be perceived as „State of the Art“ in the spare parts shop. Because the software is used worldwide, multilingualism was a mandatory requirement.

Intrexx became the focal point because of its flexibility, the mobile user-friendliness and the almost complete design adaptability offered by the SAP-certified OData interface. This design had already been adapted to the global CI requirements. Compared with Web Dynpro, Intrexx was not only much cheaper, but it also looked much better.

Therefore, the choice for the low-code platform Intrexx was made. With the new web shop, it is now possible to customize the ordering of spare parts individually. If the customer is located in a country in which the regional company has its own SAP ERP system with Materials Management and Distribution module, then the order is recognized directly after optional release in the SAP system as a sales order. If the customer is located in a country without its own SAP ERP, then a multi-level systematic release is used. In several steps, the most logical order process will be determined - locally, regionally or even in the corporate office. The customer will not notice. The system behind it merely serves to optimize the SIG-internal processes.

Along with the spare parts shop, a so-called „Consignment solution“ has been setup in Intrexx. Using the OData interface, spare part stocks can be managed at the customer site. Inventory control, goods movement and master data management are part of the new Intrexx solution that optimizes the SAP system. Intrexx checks whether there are parts locally or in the region or whether they must be ordered from the factory in Germany. Thus, it is often possible to store the most frequently required spare parts, even at the customer site, and still monitor the global stock. Thus, the customer has the ability to track the order and to post the receipt of goods directly in Intrexx.

The solution developed with Intrexx is a complex application. It is used worldwide, simultaneously speaks many languages. Ultimately, more than 30 different languages will be available. Together with Intrexx and the OData interface other applications are already being planned. Soon to be implemented is a new CRM system as well as a ticketing-system.

  • Very fast implementation, both for the launch as well as for both small and large changes
  • Massive reduction of work in all departments, thanks to low-code
  • Very high level of acceptance among employees and customers
  • Through direct access to SAP data, the data is always up to date and there is no redundant data storage necessary

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