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Intrexx Case Study: Banks

Sparkasse Kraichgau

"Compared to the previous Lotus Notes application, the Intrexx portal provides us many advantages: affordable licence costs save us a lot of money, and easy creation of applications makes us independent of service providers and reduces maintenance costs. In addition, we can now distribute information to specific target groups."

Sascha Glatz, System Administrator, Sparkasse Kraichgau

Employee portal coordinates information flood

Industries: Finance

Sparkasse Kraichgau covers a business area of about 884 km², where 256,000 people live in 30 cities and communities. This area stretches across three rural districts and two administrative districts. Besides offering a wide variety of finan-cial and bank services, Sparkasse Kraichgau is characterised by their dedication to business development and support of social, cultural and sports facilities and projects.

In 2005, Sparkasse Kraichgau decided to partially replace existing Lotus Notes applications with an internal portal. The reason for doing so was to avoid high licence costs and laborious development for a new system. In addition to a good cost/performance ratio, the system had to simplify the creation of applications and be flexible with respect to new requirements.

They eventually chose the Intrexx Professional standard software, with which intranet and employee portals can be created in a short period of time, thanks to the graphical user interface. The main application inside the portal is an information system, which replaces the previous application that was based on Lotus Notes, and is therefore much more flexible and cost-efficient. The “pin board” applica-tion enables you to provide department-specific documents. Specific groups of persons receive the information that is relevant for them. Departments such as marketing and investment counselling upload the new documents to the tree structure and then inform selected recipients using “pin news”. In this fashion, they receive information about interest statements, upcoming special offers and projects, sales promotions, job descriptions, etc. Other applications in the portal include a cafeteria schedule, a telephone directory, a bulletin board and a picture gallery. A help desk application is used project-oriented and collects all queries from employees as tickets. The processors then access individual orders and record the status and what percentage of the task has been accomplished. For the near future also a forum is planned, which the employees can use to impart tips and tricks for sales promotion or to exchange experiences. The portal saves Sparkasse Kraichgau a lot of work and considerably simplifies information man-agement: while they used to send various documents by e-mail in the past, now everything is centrally available in the portal. Each department receives only the information that is relevant to its work and uses the efficient search and archiving functions. Compared to the previous application that was based on Lotus Notes, Sparkasse Kraichgau profits from great cost savings and the option of quickly and easily creating their own applications.

  • One platform for all documents, sales aids and information
  • Low costs for licences and service
  • Always current information reduces error ratio
  • Simplified search and data access from all locations

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