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Intrexx Case Study: Construction industry


Connecting external franchisees and real estate platforms

Industries: Construction

STREIF Haus GmbH is the market leader in prefabricated homes. Over 75,000 single-family homes and duplexes have been constructed in Germany since the company was founded. Since the purchase of a house is a long-term decision, the challenge for STREIF is to support interested parties and customers from the start and by so doing, develop trust. For the most part, sales are handled by a country-wide franchise organisation.

STREIF decided to set up an Internal portal. This portal would be used in the future to manage all information, data and processes in order to provide optimal service to interested parties and customers. The approximately 40 franchisees would be connected to the portal in order to provide customer support at a very high level.

The product they selected was the Intrexx Professional portal software, because this solution already contains many ready-to-use modules and can be customised to STREIF business processes. The addresses of interested parties from various sources are imported into the portal. These addresses are automatically assigned to the corresponding franchisees and the responsible consultant. Each processor is then guided through the individual support steps. From the first contact, to the quotation and signing of the contract, to the construction approval and follow-up support, all steps are prescribed in the portal with plenty of background information. Each franchisee sees only the filtered data for his or her customers. The franchisee has authorisation to change and maintain this data. By contrast, the respective supervisor at STREIF has an overview of all data. This allows him or her to display which franchisee is currently processing how many contacts with which status, or to evaluate the number of contract signings in comparison to the previous year and to other franchisees. Thanks to the portal, there is no more need to waste paper or to have to send e-mail messages between the main office and the franchisees. For a short time the STREIF portal also provides data for the four main real estate web platforms - ImmobilienScout 24, ImmoWelt, Immonet and Immopool. Now any information on different properties has to be entered only once in their centralized portal. After this the data is available on all of the previously mentioned web platforms at the same time. The real estate requests are collated and structured within the company’s portal. These requests are coming in from the internet and will be automatically transferred in to the internal CRM system. Statistics also allow valuable reporting on the page views per property.

  • Increased simplification of processes
  • Address qualification, quotation handling and controlling via portal
  • Access to data is independent of time and location
  • Marketing material and product information always up-to-date and centrally accessible
  • Great customer benefits

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