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Swedish furniture giant

A smart booking solution that knows no bounds

Use case: Data integration
Industries: Trade, Manufacturing
Products: Connector for Microsoft Office, Connector for OData, Individual applications
Partner: Xinger Solutions GmbH

Canada is a big country – and the stores of a famous Swedish furniture company span seven different time zones. This is no problem for the Service Online Booking Solution (SOBS). Customers can make an appointment for a consultation at any store, and employees can always keep track of everything thanks to the smart, digital platform.

Appointment booking without major hurdles

The challenge for the Canadian subsidiary of the Swedish furniture giant was to better coordinate the booking of consulting and planning appointments across different stores. They chose the low-code platform Intrexx to solve this. This makes it possible to create tailor-made, individual digital applications with little effort. This is how SOBS was born.

Previously, the booking and coordination of appointments were still largely done manually by telephone or via Outlook. This meant a lot of extra work, especially for the employees who had to deal with it alongside their actual work. This has now come to an end: with SOBS, customers can book appointments easily via a digital user interface. The data is entered via the company’s website – an interface automatically collects the entered data and transfers it to an internal appointment management system.

Thanks to low-code, SOBS is smarter than ready-made solutions

The low-code platform Intrexx enabled the furniture company to set up the SOBS solution exactly according to its own wants and needs. With low-code, applications can be individually tailored thanks to a graphical development interface. In this way, the Swedish company was also able to meet the specific requirements of the different locations. For example, different permissions can be assigned to users: Team coordinators can create and assign appointments in the system while employees can only see their own appointments and cannot create new ones.

It is also possible to record several appointments for different services in different stores at the same time – for example, if a customer plans a kitchen and orders a wall unit for the living room at the same time. This saves time and effort and makes using it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

SOBS enables a smooth process for all aspects of appointment booking: confirmations, cancellations and other notifications are sent automatically via the platform. Results from the online survey – such as measurement data, furnishing information or inspiration examples – are also imported from the website into SOBS. As a result, the employees are always in the loop and can go into the consultation meetings well prepared.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the country into lockdown, the new solution proved to be a decisive ace in the hole: Thanks to SOBS, services could be maintained at all times so that good customer care and advice could be guaranteed at all times, even during the pandemic. SOBS has significantly streamlined appointment scheduling and made it more efficient. Now employees have more time to take care of their main tasks and no longer have to plan and manage their appointments in a time-consuming manner.

Optimal interconnection thanks to data integration

The Swedish furniture giant was able to benefit from yet another advantage of low-code development: the Intrexx platform made it possible to securely connect external data sources to SOBS without much effort. This ensured that information could be optimally exchanged across different systems. SOBS could be deployed on an AWS cloud server so that it could be seamlessly integrated into the company’s system landscape. Various information from Microsoft 365 was also included via data integration.


  • tailormade applications, created easily and quickly thanks to low-code
  • streamlined appointment scheduling with intuitive User Interface
  • safe and individual assignment of permissions for different employees
  • Automatic import of data from other systems
  • Seamless integration into the company’s system landscape

Xinger Solutions e.U.
Xinger Solutions e.U.

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