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Stadtwerke Gießen

„The portal solution, Intrexx, helped us to structure many work processes in a more user-friendly manner. By connecting both systems we could integrate the process for the audit-proof archiving of documents into the normal work process at no additional effort from the user.”

Tumadj Majidian, Projektleiter

Stadtwerke Gießen: Unified Archiving meets the Digital Workplace

Use case: Data integration
Products: Connector for dg archive, Connector for SAP, Individual applications
Partner: dataglobal GmbH

Stadtwerke Gießen AG (Municipal Works Giessen – SWG) is the regional energy provider for the city of Giessen and the region of Middle Hesse. They provide approximately 190,000 people with electricity, natural gas and district heating. Furthermore, they deliver high-quality drinking water to various cities and communities in the region. And their regional transportation services ensure the mobility of many individuals.

The Giessen energy revolution began a long time before Fukushima and the subsequent nuclear power phase-out. That’s because the SWG started more than 30 years ago to switch to a decentralized and climate-friendly power and heat generation in combined heat and power facilities (CHP facilities). Today, the household customers are provided 100% with green energy.

The desire for a modern work interface

To centralize documents from various systems and thus structure the data storage more efficiently and straightforwardly, the Municipal Works Giessen introduced the Unified Archiving solution dg hyparchive. The reductions in workload resulting from this gave them a taste for more: the cry from individual departments to digitalize specific business processes got louder and louder.

The desire was to be able to model and depict information and workflows on a uniform interface. It quickly became apparent that a portal solution was very suitable for this. The main requirement for this new solution was that it could be integrated into dg hyparchive and, at the same, that it enabled the integration of the Municipal Works’ SAP systems.

The strategic goal was to create a digital workplace which supports the Municipal Works’ employees with their tasks in the best way possible. With this in mind, various solutions were tested. After a product presentation, Intrexx was finally chosen. To begin with, a test system for five users was put in place. “Intrexx was totally convincing and that’s why we decided to move plans for the project forward,” commented Project Leader, Tumadj Majidian, on the decision-making process.

With Low-Code to the digital workplace

Things moved quickly from this point. Together with the solution’s developer, an interface to dg hyparchive was developed. At the same time, dataglobal expanded its dg connect interface. Using this, the fields generated in Intrexx can be transferred directly to SAP.

By linking dg hyparchive, Intrexx and SAP, a portal was assembled where all relevant information converges at one point. The applications created with Intrexx serve as an entry point for data which is stored in dg hyparchive.

Mr. Majidian sees the introduction of the portal solution as a great step forward in the digitalization of the Municipal Works: “With this, we’ve drastically reduced the employees’ inhibition level towards modern IT procedures. The digitally modelled processes run elegantly and conveniently. Without the portal solution, the Municipal Works couldn’t master these tasks.”

High acceptance thanks to active inclusion of specialty departments

By introducing the Low-Code platform, Intrexx, the Municipal Works was able to tangibly improve and accelerate the internal communication. According to Mr. Majidian, the employees really enjoy working with the system because it simplifies their work.

Together with the specialty departments, various applications were developed to support the applicable workflows. Thanks to Low-Code, even employees without an IT background could contribute their know-how directly to application development. This made it possible to reduce processing times and speed up procedures. An example of this is the optimization of the incoming mail processing and the management of automated responses for contracts. With this process, the Municipal Works Giessen can respond to requests from customers and business partners more quickly.

The individual departments are actively involved in the continual development of the platform and are able to state their requirements. Mr. Majidian is certain: “The fact that we can implement modification requests quickly and at short notice contributes to the great success of the entire system.”

Process optimizations lead to surprising cost reductions

Another example of an application, which was implemented together with the specialty departments, is the project “Printing control and collation of recurring invoices.” In short, the aim here was to save on printing and transport costs. Multiple documents (so-called Turnusrechnungen (recurring invoices)) are collated and sent in accumulated form to the customers.

Just one adjustment to the corresponding SAP script for the printing control would have cost €40,000. That’s why the solution was implemented via the portal. The recurring invoices printed by SAP are transferred to the portal.

In the portal solution, the collected invoices are merged, the specialty department releases the printing spools and then transfers them to the service provider for printing. This process brings a monthly saving of €4,000 in shipping costs. In the final step, the invoices are stored in dg hyparchive via the portal and at the same time, a link to the archived invoices is created in SAP.

As this application example demonstrates, the Digital Workplace based on Intrexx and dg hyparchive not only improves the availability of information, but also facilitates tangible cost savings.

The Municipal Works Giessen: Ready for Work 4.0

The Digital Workplace of the Municipal Works Giessen is rounded off by a variety of additional web-based applications. Their aim is to simplify everyday working and promote communication between employees and departments. Among others, these include joint calendars, the document archive, the knowledge database, company organigrams and the administration of forms and work equipment.
Based on the positive experiences up until this point, some new projects are already in planning. Furthermore, further optimizations to the processing of incoming mail and the ability to process emails directly in SAP are planned.

Mr. Majidian expresses his satisfaction with the decision to connect dg hyparchive and Intrexx: “The portal solution, Intrexx, helped us to structure many work processes in a more user-friendly manner. By connecting both systems we could integrate the process for the audit-proof archiving of documents into the normal work process at no additional effort from the user.”

  • Tangible cost savings and high ROI
  • Reductions in workload and improved communication
  • Requests from customers and partners are answered more quickly
  • Central work interface makes procedures more efficient
  • Business processes proceed more speedily and easily
  • Ready for the future and with a variety of options for expansion


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