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Intrexx Case Study: Capital equipment manufacturing

Terex MHPS GmbH

"The portal provided us with seamless distribution processes in every area; from the external B2B portal, to the intranet and beyond to the ERP system. The automated workflows help to provide an obvious increase in efficiency in our distribution and in our cooperation with the sales & service organization."

Torsten Fischer
Leader of Business Development

Automated distribution processes and faster response times

Industries: Manufacturing
Partner: QuinScape GmbH

The company Terex MHPS GmbH, a subsidiary of Terex Corp., USA, is an international manufacturer of products for material handling at ports. The company is considered to be the inventor of mobile harbor cranes and a substantial driving force in the automation of container terminals. Their world-wide product distribution is made possible by their own representatives and roughly 40 sales and service agents who are supported and directed by a marketing team at the head office.

Because they were expanding their product lineup, adding new applications and their number of representatives was growing, their structure in place had reached its limits. This therefore necessitated the introduction of changes to the distribution processes and communications with the sales organization. For this reason, a web-based portal was to be built that would largely automate the ordering processes, reduce the workload of sales & distribution and ensure that inquiries are processed more quickly. As well as delivering an increased ROI, the portal should also help provide an increased service quality in the sales organization and with the end customers. They placed a great deal of importance on the portal possessing high flexibility, with regards to future additions and adjustments, and multilingualism.

They selected the standard software Intrexx, which had already been used to create the company’s intranet, for their portal. The portals construction was carried out within a few months by the company QuinScape. The use of a uniform portal solution for external and internal use came with many benefits. It was now possible to display and edit the B2B portal’s processes in the intranet, and cost-incurring adjustments to the page structure or menu navigation weren’t necessary. The portal’s contents were subdivided into the following two areas: a communications area and a process area. The partners were now able to independently provide themselves with up-to-date materials by using the communications area. In the process area, an online-shop was introduced for ordering spare/replacement parts through the sales organization. The incoming inquiries made by telephone, fax or email are now mostly relocated to an automated system. This not only led to a reduction in workload when distributing spare parts but also to inquiries being processed much faster. Regardless of the time zone, the response times to the end customers could be noticeably shortened world-wide. Doing so, the portal helped to provide increased quality and a positive ROI. Clear benefits ensue for the manufacturer and its sales organization that can help them improve their position in the market.

  • Automation of business processes, high flexibility
  • Workload reduced for sales & distribution
  • Improved service quality for end customers and the sales & service organization
  • Unified solution for the intranet and an external portal

QuinScape GmbH

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