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Intrexx Case Study: Manufacturing company

T+H Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

"Intrexx has made it possible for us to bring together all information in one place. This saves each of our employees a lot of time, because they no longer need to search for and compile information located in differing systems."

Oliver Zeller, IT Director and QM Representative

Optimal information management with an enterprise portal

Industries: Manufacturing

For 23 years, T+H Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, an ISO TS 16949-certified metal goods manufacturer located in Gerstetten, Germany, has been fabricating high quality metal parts for various business sectors. Clients come mainly from the aerospace sector and the automotive industry, for which T+H produces vendor parts such as components for seat belts and airbags.

T+H Metallwarenfabrik wanted to provide employees with clear access to the various quality management documents in the company and, in 2002, sought out a software solution that would allow these documents to be centrally collected and organized. The objective was to make it possible for employees to find all the information needed for their work in just a few clicks.

After closely examining the Intrexx Professional platform-independent portal solution, T+H knew for certain that this solution would fulfil all of their requirements. Most convincing were the user friendliness and the price/performance ratio. After initially using the portal to merely manage documents, the company realized that, with Intrexx, much more was possible. T+H began to merge the information from the various systems of the company in their Enterprise Portal. Data from the ERP system are integrated into the employee portal as well as information from the production planning and control system, employee timekeeping system, or inventory management is integrated. In the past, employees had to spend much time searching several different systems to find all the information they needed. Now, all of that information is available with just once simple mouse click. For example, if an employee enters the number of a certain component, all information on this component is displayed immediately on a portal page. The employee sees an overview of how this product is selling, what revenue the company achieves with this component, whether there have been any complaints, how much time has been estimated for producing this part, and how much time is actually needed to manufacture this product. The employee also sees an image of that component. The data for this comprehensive information page is compiled from different systems. For the future, it is also planned to incorporate various isolated applications, along with the quality management area into the portal.

  • Optimal information management
  • Clear document management
  • Central interface for various systems in the company
  • No more isolated applications
  • IT-supported quality management
  • Quick creation of applications
  • Portal system can be enhanced as needed

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