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Intrexx success story: Tourism


Employee portal as information platform across locations

Use case: Collaboration
Industries: Tourism

TUI 4U GmbH, main headquarters in Bremen, Germany, is a wholly owned subsidiary of TUI Deutschland. As well as the role of consolidator, call center services come under its main business. The help-desk support for travel agencies and a comprehensive flight database management system complete their service provision. With approximately 100 employees, TUI 4U GmbH operates call centers and service offices in Bremen, Osnabrück and Munich.

To create something that would meet the requirements for improving the communication across locations, TUI 4U started searching for a portal solution in 2002. This solution should allow them to distribute information quickly and efficiently at all locations. Furthermore, the reserving of meeting rooms should be handled clearly and transparently using the portal.

TUI 4U chose Intrexx because it’s possible to create applications simply and quickly using the platform independent software. As well as other information, information about the various airlines is gathered in the portal clearly. The contracts made with each airline can be added to their information in the customer management system. In this way, the responsible employees have straightforward access to the information without having to laboriously search through the entire system. Furthermore, the portal contains various reporting applications.

Improvements are easily implemented thanks to Low-Code

Even the room reservations are handled using the portal. The employees can book a meeting room with just a mouse-click. Afterwards, all booked rooms are presented in a manageable and clear manner in a calendar. The portal is very well accepted by the employees. One of the reasons for this is definitely because operating the portal essentially works just like navigating on the internet. Operating the portal is therefore almost intuitive. Beyond that, it’s now guaranteed that the employees have access to the same information at all locations of the company. The Intrexx portal also offers excellent conditions to implement applications that will further improve the internal communications in the future: Thanks to Low-Code development, applications can be created individually and yet quickly and with little effort.

  • Central information platform for employees
  • Comprehensive customer management system
  • Manageable reports
  • Intuitive operation
  • Budget-conscious solution

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