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Intrexx success story: Education & research

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Johannes Kepler University Linz digitalizes work processes with Intrexx

Use case: Process automation
Industries: Education & research
Products: Individual applications
Partner: Xinger Solutions GmbH

Since its founding in 1966, the JKU has established itself as an innovative center for science and social sciences. Today, the JKU has an international renown and is the largest institution of the state of Upper Austria not only in fundamental research but also in applied research. Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented tuition in coordination with the current requirements of the economy and society, collaborations with about 300 partner universities in more than 50 countries, more than 120 professors and approximately 1,800 teaching staff all guarantee that the research and studying conditionals are ideal.

To provide information quickly and centrally, the JKU has been using Intrexx as a campus portal for many years.

Among other things, the maintenance on the campus grounds was performed by internal specialized departments. To date, the processing of the tasks was completed on paper, this entailed problems in the process’s transparency and in the flow of information.

Xinger Solutions e.U. developed the application “Task management” together with the specialized department “Service Center”. The following functions were important here:

  • Processing of cost approvals
  • Transparency of work steps
  • Real-time information about a task
  • High usability for the tradesmen
For the implementation, it was important that the requirements of every department, which uses this application, were taken into account and that these could actually be implemented in the software.

With the low-code development platform Intrexx and Xinger Solutions – the Austrian sales and solution partner of United Planet – these requirements could be fully satisfied.

The features:

  • Overview lists with filters for analyzing the current tasks
  • Simple input form for entering/editing tasks
  • Notification process to distribute reminders and information
  • Workflows for the cost approval process
  • Simple look & feel
  • History to create transparency for each task

Thanks to the implementation, the quality of the information available to the task managers could be increased many times over. The reminder function prevents tasks from being “forgotten” and thanks to the history, every work step can be analyzed precisely.

The interface was designed in such a way that people without specialized computer knowledge could also work with it easily. The saved working time can now be used for the actual task areas of the tradesmen.

  • Digital workflow for the approval process
  • Task history creates transparency, thanks to low-code
  • Fewer mistakes thanks to automated notifications
  • Simplified processes save time and money

The booked tasks are listed clearly and manageably in the Task management Editing a task

Screenshot #1: The booked tasks are listed clearly and manageably in the Task management
Screenshot #2: Editing a task

Xinger Solutions e.U.

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