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Intrexx success story: Health services

University Hospital of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Electronic medication plan in the Rhineland-Palatinate

Use case: Data integration
Industries: Health services
Products: Individual applications
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The transition of patients from in-patient hospitalizations to treatment from licensed doctors is often coupled with changes to the pharmacotherapy. The course of the sickness and the legal regulations, which are different for each sector, necessitate changes to the pharmacotherapy. Poor communication between these sectors and absent media, which every healthcare professional responsible for the patient can access, can lead to loss of data and quality, ineffective pharmacotherapy, and disruption to the treatment of the patient.

Improved treatment thanks to clear medication history overview

The ability to track the pharmacotherapy of a patient effectively is the basis for comparing and balancing the medication between the treatment sectors. As well as the patient questionnaire, another reliable source – such as a list of past medications – should therefore also be available as an information source. The doctor providing treatment needs to have a full picture of the medication history of their patient.

Therefore, one of the digitalization goals in the health sector is to introduce electronic medication plans nationwide in Germany. In the scope of a pilot project, an electronic medication plan was implemented in 2014 in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The plan used the national medication plan according to § 31a SGB V (Social Act Five), which was later rooted in the eHealth law, as a template. On the basis of the Low-Code Development platform Intrexx, a medication plan was created as a communication platform for care providers for reading, managing and updating patient plans to achieve this.

The Intrexx medication portal implements legal standards

Five hospitals with selected units, approx. 120 pharmacists and about 80 doctors took part in the pilot project. These can independently enter and track prescribed medication via the medication portal. Access is controlled using a QR code. When a new prescription is created, the medication history is versioned so that a complete overview is guaranteed for that patient. To make it easier for doctors and pharmacists to enter and analyze data, a connection was created to the medication database via a REST interface. This allows the correct medication and active agent labels to be identified and saved uniformly. Using the national central pharmaceutical number simplifies the analysis of prescribed medication.

Encryption safeguards data protection standards

Additional functionalities were integrated into the Intrexx medication portal for evaluation purposes. Pseudonymized evaluation data records are generated automatically from the portal directly. As part of evaluating the pilot project, this allows insights to be gained that are incorporated into the future implementation of electronic medication plans.

A special challenge in this context is found in the high level of security required for highly sensitive personal medical data. To meet these security requirements, an encryption function was integrated into the portal among other security measures. The conception of the portal was discussed with the responsible state data privacy officer and adjusted based on their feedback.

The highlights

  • Noticeable simplification of inter-sectoral communication
  • Doctors providing treatment are better informed thanks to the medication history
  • Secure encryption ensures that the system totally conforms to data protection standards

Web view of the medication plan Print view of the medication plan

Screenshot #1: Web view of the medication plan
Screenshot #2: Print view of the medication plan

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