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Intrexx Case Study: Banks

Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt

Replacing Lotus and Access with a modern communication platform

Industries: Finance
Products: Connector for OData

The Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt is one of the oldest cooperatives in Germany. For over 150 years they have accompanied the economic development of the middle class and responsibly managed the money of nearly 60,000 customers. The bank’s ope-rating area measures 150 km. The defined goal of Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt is to work for and with the people of the region. This goal is pursued daily by 200 employees in 21 branches.

A modern communication system should make the information from the central database available to all employees in all branches in a fast and clear manner. In doing so, they wanted to substantially simplify the process, save time and make sure that the employees always have access to the most up-to-date information. Because the security demands of Volksbank are very high, two things were essential when choosing a new solution: Firstly, the software must run stably even at a high degree. Secondly, it must have passed the security test of the FIDUCIA IT AG.

With Low-Code to more flexibility and simplicity

After an extensive selection process, Volksbank chose the FIDUCIA certified intranet and portal suite Intrexx from United Planet. The solution’s flexibility and simple operability were the most convincing aspects. Web-based applications can be created quickly and without almost zero programming knowledge thanks to Low-Code Development. A tedious client installation on the employees’ computers isn’t necessary. Because Intrexx is platform independent, the software can run on all current operating systems. A modern intranet portal can be created rapidly with Intrexx. This portal increases the access speed to the information that the employees need considerably, thus saving time: Where formerly PDFs were inconveniently sent, now data, such as customer and account lists, is available at one central point in the intranet. Even investment requests are automated from application to approval and are handled transparently in the portal. The employees enjoy working with the new portal because they are aware of its benefits in their daily work: The processes are much more transparent now and there aren’t any long search processes anymore. All data is available in one central place in a structured and clear manner. In the future Intrexx will become the central system of Volksbank and supersede all insular solutions. This fits with the continually growing trend to replace Lotus Notes with more modern portal solutions that are easier to operate. Thanks to Low-Code, the portal solution can be extended and adapted at any time.

  • Modern communication platform
  • Improved information exchange
  • Quick and transparent processes
  • No more time-stealing search processes
  • High acceptance from the employees

Tags: Collaboration

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