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Intrexx success story: Public administration

Public Administration for Property and Building Construction (VBV) in Baden-Württemberg

Internal portal connects 24 locations

Use case: Collaboration
Industries: Public administration
Products: Connector for OData, Intrexx Share

The Public Administration for Property and Building Construction (VBV) is the center of competence and service center for all services regarding the state’s properties and construction projects in Baden-Württemberg. Their tasks in-clude providing locations for state facilities, property politics, managing and supporting all building construction policies of the state, maintaining the building culture and sustaining the cultural inheritances, marketing and pre-senting the state’s manor houses and gardens as well as building manage-ment for the association. Under the roof of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Finance, the VBV consists of the State Office for Federal Construction in Baden-Württemberg with the Karlsruhe Regional Finance Office, and the State Office for Property and Construction in Baden- Württemberg.

There are numerous guidelines and regulations to be followed in the field of public administration. To do so, the employees of the VBV must first know about these regulations. Until 2006, this task was performed by a static HTML page in the form of a bulletin board. However, as requirements increased, the VBV began to look for a dynamic solution. Above all, it had to allow for the different capacities and information requirements of the various hierarchies.

In addition, the solution had to simply the provision and maintenance of organizational charts, which previously had to be edited in Word and Excel, laboriously formatted and distributed in paper form. The VBV therefore was looking for a software solution which could be introduced quickly, connected to other systems, individually enhanced, and with which time and costs could be clearly managed.

VBV Baden-Württemberg chose the low-code portal software Intrexx. In the VBV portal, every employee can find the information that is relevant for his or her depart-ment, as well as specific locational information. Among others, this includes current messages to employees and information on the tasks of the property, building and construction management. The portal is also an information plat-form with which standards, regulations, laws and guidelines are administrated and researched. The dynamic knowledge portal is constantly kept up-to-date and provides all employees with the information they need to work.

Project Leader, Wolfgang Weisbrod, considers the powerful search function, which provides full-text searching, to be the biggest advantage: “The employees experience that it’s very easy to find what they’re looking for in the knowledge portal. The portal is a great support in our daily working. This leads to a high level of acceptance.”

The provision and maintenance of organizational charts is also web-based, which saves a lot of time and paper. The defined input formats in Intrexx also allow changes to be made in a short period of time. The various hierarchies were accommodated by dividing the employee portal into a part that can be accessed by all VBV employees and a section that is limited to individual organizational units, which requires a separate logon. Thus, the work of the approximately 2,500 users at 24 different locations has been made much easier.
It’s very important to Mr. Weisbrod that the employee portal doesn’t just serve the purpose of providing information. In fact, the opposite is true: many busi-ness processes can be performed here directly. “This makes the portal the central place to go for many employees. We can speak about a Digital Work-place – an important step towards modernizing our administration.”

The VBV and its employees are very pleased with their portal – even though it meant readjusting. Before the knowledge portal was introduced, most of the documents and standards weren’t centrally available but printed out and stored in files. Ultimately however, the employees gladly made the step to-wards a modern administration; this is proven by the following statistic: every year the portal tallies up almost three million clicks.

  • System allows for clear calculation of time and finances
  • Problem-free connection to other systems
  • Can be individually enhanced, thanks to low-code
  • One portal replaces numerous Excel, Access and Word documents
  • Simplifies cooperation between the different locations

Number of buildings managed:

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