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Wahl GmbH & Co KG

“Intrexx enables us to respond to the dynamic requirements of our internal and external customers quickly and flexibly.”

Franz Kloock, Head of IT & Business Processes

Wahl GmbH & Co. KG: Fully automated logistics with Intrexx

Use case: Data integration
Industries: Services
Products: Connector for Microsoft Exchange, Connector for OData
Partner: KI GmbH

The family business, Wahl GmbH & Co. KG (Wahl & Co), was founded in Bielefeld in 1931 and can look back on a long tradition as a forwarding company. The company is the market leader in East Westphalia for national and international piece goods transportation with good reason. Moreover, logistical value-added services such as incoming goods inspections, and order picking and packing are provided across 35,000 square meters of hall space. 30,000 palette shelf spaces are available for the warehousing.

Wahl & Co deploys the transport management system, CALtms from the developer CAL Consult. CALtms is a classic green screen application that runs on an IBM Power Server on the operating system i5/OS (AS/400). Wahl & Co were looking for a solution that would implement access to reoccurring queries and reports for the departments and management to relieve the IT of these tasks. The IT required a flexible ticket system that could be adjusted to their individual requirements and deployed in other areas such as the workshop.

Ready to go after only six weeks thanks to Low-Code

Wahl & Co chose an unbeatable tool with Intrexx that can cover not only the currently known but also future requirements of the company:

  • The Intrexx Partner, KI Systemgefährten, provided the ticket system within 6 weeks and supports the internal developers if they come to a standstill.
  • In the first step, Wahl & Co developed dashboards themselves that are filled with information from the database of the transport management system in real-time.
  • Especially because Intrexx provides effective interfaces and makes programming so fast, Wahl & Co have been able to implement numerous additional applications in the meantime.
  • EDI platform at Wahl & Co
    Based on the platform and the integration of standard Java classes, Wahl & Co use the system as a communication (FTP, SFTP, mail, web services) and conversion platform for customers and forwarding agents. The rapid integration of almost any format, the high performance, and the integrated monitoring function are especially noteworthy.
  • Info monitor for piece goods transshipment
    In every hall for piece goods transshipment, Intrexx supplies monitors at every gate with all information relevant to the warehouse staff. At a glance, they are informed about the loading status and the status of orders in the warehouse management system. At the same time, the system provides search functions for consignments.
  • Info system administration
    Intrexx consolidates information from different applications in clearly laid-out dashboards (disposition monitors, service goods shipments, notifications of dispatch, duration reports, and palette management).
  • Contractor management
    Wahl & Co works together with numerous forwarding agents. With Intrexx, they were able to conflate the management of all relevant information and processes such as assignment monitoring, documentation, time management, insurance, hazardous materials, licenses and much more.
  • Driver’s license monitoring
    The ongoing monitoring of the validity of driver’s licenses and ADR certificates is an important quality assurance aspect for a forwarding company. At Wahl & Co, Intrexx is integrated into the H+P Ident document verification system that reads and verifies all documents. Intrexx uses workflows to keep track of checking dates, inform the relevant employees and escalate if deadlines are not met on time.
High acceptance among the employees

During the implementation of the Intrexx solution, the advantages of Low-Code came into their own: thanks to the graphical development interface, functions could be flexibly developed in ongoing dialog with the staff. This not only ensures that everyday requirements are covered but also increases the employee acceptance of the new system immensely. “Due to the flexibility of Intrexx, we were able to respond to the users’ wishes and requirements during development. As a result, employees were involved in the development of the portal from the beginning and are a source for the ongoing optimization,” says Franz Kloock, Head of IT and Business Processes.

Further applications are already in planning. In the next steps, they plan to connect the invoice workflow, the damage documentation with Android scanner, a KPI dashboard, and the accounting system for rendered services to Intrexx.

  • Six weeks from the purchase to the first live application (06/2016)
  • User management via the AD provides simple and individual user management
  • Simple app development, thanks to low-code
  • Open interfaces via JDBC, files and services (web, mail, protocols)
  • Clear resource requirements – high stability
  • Highly flexible, individual workflows
  • Effective integration of data from the transport management system, CALtms, and other systems

Tags: Data Integration

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