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Intrexx success story: Industrielle Fertigung

Wocklum Group

"Automated workflows enable us to design processes more efficiently."
Ümüt Yurdaer, Head of Process and Project Management, Wocklum Group

Automation as a recipe for success: Rapid development thanks to low-code

Use case: Process automation
Products: Connector for OData, Individual applications
Partner: QuinScape GmbH

The long-established Wocklum Group with its headquarters in Balve, Sauerland, focuses, with its branches and subsidiaries, on trading in chemicals, in particular acids, alkalies, solids and specialties. Wocklum has taken a big step towards digitalizing its processes with the low-code platform Intrexx.

In the past, daily tasks at Wocklum were performed with numerous stand-alone solutions. While these served their respective purposes, switching between countless different software systems also created problems. So Wocklum decided to build a one-stop-shop for its digital processes - and found the ideal tool to do so in the low-code platform Intrexx. The Intrexx partner QuinScape was commissioned to create a central digital workplace for 130 users. Here, the focus was on creating customized work forms that would prevent errors and display the key information for each employee in a way that was appropriate to their role.

A central platform linked to Lotus Notes and SAP

The first step in the introduction of Intrexx was to transfer the comprehensive resource database from Lotus Notes to the new portal. This could be done easily thanks to the flexibility of Intrexx, which meant that Wocklum now had the basis for a comprehensive, central platform. On this basis, it was now possible to gradually create more and more applications to digitalize processes and make them more efficient. This involved making any testing and approval processes easily accessible for the user roles that were involved. 

An important focus was also on connecting to other software systems, such as the sales system or SAP. Thanks to the integrability of the low-code platform Intrexx, a smart, individual link to these systems could be created meaning that data and information can now be exchanged efficiently and automatically. In addition, a comprehensive notification concept was introduced: All users are automatically notified of certain events according to their individually assigned roles.

Customized development in constant dialog

The recipe for success for the rapid development of the Intrexx-based portal solution was constant communication between consulting and development. Thanks to the ideal combination of standardized Intrexx modules as well as programming code, the information that is important for the respective user is now consolidated and available at the right time. This is where the advantages of low-code were evident: Simple usability as well as the extensions required by process modifications ensure that the digital platform is always optimally suited to the internal workflows. 

Efficient collaboration and maximum transparency

Everyone involved in testing chemical materials works together cooperatively thanks to a customized application. In this process, necessary data is added by the departments in a fixed sequence and the material is then released by the employees for further processing. The entire access control to the company premises is also handled via an Intrexx application. In addition to the precise recording of time data and automated employee notifications, the system is now also ideally positioned to deal with insurance-related notifications.

The Highlights

  • Transfer of a comprehensive database from Lotus Notes to an Intrexx portal
  • Uniformly structured processes across the entire company thanks to low-code
  • Fine-tuned, individual release processes

Record entry Reporting Approval of material Access control


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