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Intrexx success story: Manufacturing

Zahoransky AG

"Whereas our employees used to have to make several phone calls to get information from various locations, now the portal provides this at the press of a button."

Jürgen Buschau, IT Manager

Linking data with the enterprise portal

Use case: Data integration
Industries: Manufacturing
Products: Connector for OData, Project Management for Intrexx

As a larger mid-sized company, Zahoransky AG has 6 locations around the world. The company is dealing in special equipment construction (for tooth brushes, household brushes, technical brushes, etc.) and packaging machines (blister packaging) for over 100 years now. The Zahoransky Group’s mould construction is among the leading manufacturers of injection moulds which are used in homes, medical technology, writing utensils, etc.

Until a few years ago, communication was mainly handled via e-mail and telephone, so they desperately needed a modern IT solution to meet the high demands of the constantly growing company. The IT department therefore pushed for a portal that could be accessed from all locations to simplify the collaboration. The company wanted to be able to integrate existing data in the portal and to use it internationally.

To create the portal the Zahoransky AG used the low-code platform-independent Intrexx Xtreme software, which has a process manager and options for integrating external data, in addition to numerous ready-to-use templates. For one thing, the portal is used for internal administration, such as appointments, resource planning, newsletters, announcements, quality management, and document management of patents. For another, it is used to merge important financial and company data from various departments, locations, and software systems. Data from the ERP system from logistics, stock and purchasing is as well integrated as CAD, bookkeeping and CRM data. The different software systems are thereby consolidated with a standard interface. The sales and distribution department can see exact stock figures from all locations when it makes quotations. Access to the external databases runs in the background and there is no need to manually import or export data. In addition, production orders are placed over the portal in a sort of production pool, where they can be dispatched to the production lines of the individual plants, depending on the workload.

  • Increased simplification of processes
  • One Web interface for all data
  • Eliminates data redundancy, thanks to low-code
  • Worldwide access
  • Faster cycle time for quotations and production orders
  • Capacity-based production planning can be done quickly and simply
  • Portal system can be enhanced as needed

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