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Data & analytics landscape with Intrexx, Reports for Intrexx and data warehouse

Data flowing throughout the company is at the heart of digitalization. This data and the knowledge gained from it are becoming the pivotal competitive factor. However, the potential can only be utilized if all the data from the company's various systems is brought together and analyzed centrally. Create a data & analytics landscape with Intrexx to form the technical bridge between all your data and facilitate holistic analysis.

Step-by-step implementation of data & analytics

As digitalization progresses, more and more data is being generated. Analyzing it promises valuable insights. You can implement the solution for your company in four steps. In itself, every step already results in further optimization. You decide how fast and how far you want to push the process - always with the knowledge that you can take the next development step at any time.
Step 1: Consolidate IT systems in an Intrexx portal

Create a single point of contact for your work with an Intrexx portal. Regardless of whether you have Office solutions, an email program, a CRM, an ERP system, and much more. Many of your apps can be implemented directly in the portal. Thanks to the low-code approach, ready-made components are usually sufficient for this. Programming can be added where necessary. Other systems are connected via connectors (databases, SAP, Lotus Notes). The data of the connected systems remains where it is generated. Nevertheless, you work with all data in the Intrexx portal - regardless of whether with mobile devices or desktop PCs.
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Step 2: Automatic generation of documents

Documents play an important role in your business. Examples range from barcode stickers and quotations to every department's annual report. Until now, your employees have often had to compile these documents by hand. With Reports for Intrexx from QuinScape, you can generate these documents automatically. That means less work, fewer errors, and lower costs.
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Step 3: Merge data in a data warehouse

In order to generate the full benefit from data & analytics for your company, your data is collected across systems in a data warehouse. This is the only way to visualize correlations between data from all areas of your company. In addition, analyses performed in the data warehouse do not add workload to your systems and therefore do not interfere with the daily work of your employees.
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Step 4: Data analyses directly in the Intrexx portal

At the push of a button, you can use Reports for Intrexx to make analyses of your data available directly in the Intrexx portal. Calls to prepared analyses can easily be defined anywhere in the portal. Every company employee who is helped by an analysis in his or her work therefore has direct access to it.

Examples of this include:
  • The summary of the sales figures directly next to invoices and orders.
  • The analysis of website usage data directly next to the wiki in the portal where its content is maintained
  • The dashboard with the order volume of a customer directly on their CRM page in the Intrexx portal
Data & Analytics Landscape with Intrexx, Reports for Intrexx and Data Warehouse
Reports for Intrexx extends your Intrexx portal with the JasperReports® Library, the world's most popular open source report generator. With Reports for Intrexx, you have all the data from your portal and many of the connected sources at your disposal to create high-quality reports. Additionally, Reports for Intrexx allows you to have documents generated fully automatically. The JasperReports® Library is a Java-based open source reporting tool and an optimal solution for presenting facts and figures in an appealing way. Due to the open source approach, Jaspersoft can be easily adapted to individual needs and boasts a large community.
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Just give it a try!

You can test the shown portal including Reports for Intrexx and reports at any time. QuinScape is an expert for data & analytics and has developed Reports for Intrexx. QuinScape provides you with a personal copy of the portal as an Amazon Web Services instance.

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