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Every company is different – and every Intrexx portal is unique. But no matter what your portal looks like, the Intrexx Essentials should be included because these applications make every platform better, more efficient, and more user-friendly. In short: our Essentials make life easier. And so that no company has to do without them, we are offering these applications for all Intrexx portals free of charge!

Essential: Bildergalerie App

Image Gallery for Intrexx

Put your images in the perfect light with this application. Thanks to its responsive design and appealing UX, the Image Gallery for Intrexx makes your images into real eye-catchers. A new gallery can be created in no time at all via drag-and-drop: the ZIP upload function lets you upload a large number of images in a short time.

Cookie Notice Manager

No company can afford to ignore data protection. Stay on the safe side with Intrexx: The Cookie Notice Manager helps you design your portal in accordance with data protection regulations. Whether you are using analysis scripts, social media pixels or other cookies, the Cookie Notice Manager allows you to provide your users with the legally required options while tailoring the settings to your requirements.
Essential: Cookie Notice Manager App
Essential: Passwortanforderung App

Password Request 19.03

Forgotten your password? No problem! The “Password Request for Intrexx” application makes it easy and simple for users to request a new password. All they have to do is enter their username. If this is stored in the system, the user will receive a link via e-mail to create a new, secure password.

User Self Service for Intrexx

This application helps company employees and other portal users – including customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in a B2B portal – to create a portal user account, log in and recover forgotten passwords. This relieves your IT department and therefore, reduces the waiting time for users.
Essential: User Self Service App

Intrexx Essentials: Seasonal

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Intrexx Essentials: Seasonal

In addition to our long-term Intrexx Essentials, we also offer you and your company seasonal applications that will be created or updated depending on the area and time of year. These Intrexx Essentials are always available to you here as a free download shortly before the respective start date.

Bundesliga betting game 2021/2022

The lion's den in your intranet! Bring the excitement of the Bundesliga right to your Intrexx portal with the Bundesliga betting game. All teams and results can always be view right in your intranet. This helps you promote colleague interactions in a fun way and increase the team spirit in your company. Configure how many points are awarded depending on how accurate bets are and make the betting game your own.
Bundesliga betting game 2021/2022
Essentials: Adventskalender 2021

Advent Calendar 2021

Inspire your employees and Intrexx users with our Advent Calendar for Intrexx. The 24 doors are full of sayings, words of wisdom and pictures – but you can also add your own content like announcements for company events or internal messages. In this way, you can use the Advent Calendar app for internal communication and increase the attractiveness of your portal. The best part is: If desired, the quotations will be automatically displayed in the Intrexx Share feed via a plugin.

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