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24 Nov 2021

Markus Grauvogl becomes new CSO at United Planet

Expansion of the management board at German software company

United Planet is being reinforced at the management level: Markus Grauvogl is moving to the German low-code provider as the new CSO. Freiburg, November 24, 2021. After in-depth discussions, the management at United Planet and Markus Grauvogl agreed that there was a lot of potential for a successful partnership. ... lire plus

12 Oct 2021

Rolling releases instead of rigid versions: Intrexx gets even more flexible

United Planet focuses on a new release strategy

Users of the low-code platform Intrexx will benefit from new features even faster in the future: As of now, they have the option of getting regular updates with new functions in the form of rolling releases. The old version names have had their day – there are now two release tracks instead: Steady Track and Silent Track. ... lire plus

24 Jun 2021

Digital accessibility is everyone’s business – implement it successfully

Intrexx and QuinScape facilitate digital accessibility

Sooner or later, hardly anyone who offers their services on the Internet will be able to get around digital accessibility. And that’s a good thing. As a certified testing body, the Intrexx partner QuinScape supports step-by-step implementation of accessibility on the Internet. ... lire plus

15 Apr 2021

2021 Leader Award in Low-Code Development Platforms goes to Intrexx

Intrexx wins business software reviews community award

United Planet is honored for Intrexx to be recognized as a best-in-class low-code platform leader by SourceForge, the world’s largest software reviews and comparison engine. Freiburg, April 15, 2021. SourceForge, the world's largest website for software reviews and ... lire plus

22 Mar 2021

Another quantum leap: Low-code leader United Planet releases Intrexx Version 21.03 with numerous new features.

Intrexx LTS Version 21.03 released

With Intrexx Version 21.03, Freiburg is once more revealed as a low-code hotspot and United Planet GmbH as a leader in the area of low-code development “made in Germany”. The new Intrexx Version 21.03 ensures the fast and individual digitalization of entire company processes. ... lire plus

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Press contact at United Planet

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