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Organizations need to continuously improve their products and service quality. By having the right tools in place, quality management audits can be performed optimally. Take full control of your quality management!

With Intrexx you can connect people and organize knowledge in a digital workplace. The solution is so flexible that you can also use it as a quality assurance tool. The Quality Management Suite for Intrexx is a complete package that provides you with all the functions you need for comprehensive quality management.

The Applications at a Glance

Audit Management for Intrexx

The audit management application meets all the quality management standards in performing internal audits. Create audit framework plans (annual planning of audits) as well as plan and record individual audits. Use the application for the audit types: "Product audit", "System audit", and "Process audit". This simplifies the work of the auditors and defines the basis for a continuous improvement process.

QM - Auditmanagement
QM - Feedback Management

Feedback and Improvement Management for Intrexx

The application simplifies knowledge exchange among employees. Use any kind of feedback - improvement, complaint, idea, mistake, praise or criticism - to manage your company’s suggestion scheme. Evaluate the submitted feedback and develop measures from good ideas. Inform the corresponding user group automatically to track the progress of the measures.

Measures Management for Intrexx

Record, edit, and track (recurring) measures from different areas of the company. Define the origin of a measure, when it is archived, and whether effectiveness test is necessary. Assign responsibilities to the appropriate areas. If required, connect sub-measures to an overall task with a person in charge of it. If an action is logged for a task, add files to it as proof.
QM - Measures Management for Intrexx
QM - Process Visualizer Pro for Intrexx

Process Visualizer for Intrexx

The Intrexx Process Visualizer is a graphical business process modeling tool (GPM tool). On one hand, it describes existing business processes, and on the other hand, it is a management tool that supports process control. With the application, you have an ideal tool to map and describe both the process organization (processes) and the organizational structure (organizational charts) by systematically recording all processes in the company.

Document Management for Intrexx

Document management relieves your organization from the time-consuming tasks of keeping your system documentation up to date. Maintain, manage and release your QM documents centrally and in compliance with standards. The application gives you the necessary security for your quality management system.
QM-Document management for Intrexx
Christophoruswerk Erfurt

What used to take a long time for approvals now takes only two days. In comparison to the old system, now we have a considerable time saving and work simplification in quality management.
Lars Meininger, Quality Management Department

Your Advantages


Complete solution for all company sizes and industries


Immediately applicable and flexibly expandable


Quick verification and approval of QM documents


Simple creation of process graphics


Control of audits and improvement measures


Would you like more information?

Our partner ipro consulting GmbH has developed the Quality Management Suite for Intrexx. They will be happy to answer your questions.

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