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Munich Tree Climbing School (MBKS)

“Our complex working structures in the seminar management provided us with problems – PortalConsult and Intrexx were the answer. The system introduced by us is multifaceted and works with automatisms leading to a reduction in workload.”

Merlin Fuchs, Münchner Baumkletterschule

Intrexx as a complex seminar management system

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The Munich Tree Climbing School, with its headquarters in Gilching close to Munich, specializes in trainings and advanced trainings in the area of rope climbing techniques, tree care and work safety. Since the MBKS was accredited as the first training location in Germany in 2002, it has continued to grow, and comprises of approximately 25 trainers working across Germany. Together with numerous cooperation partners, the Munich Tree Climbing School provides a broad spectrum of courses.

Previously, different systems were used for managing and processing courses, trainers and participants. This lead to data being stored in multiple locations which, among other things, impaired how accurate and up-to-date the data was. In the future, the entire procedure (planning, performing and post-processing) for the courses should be automated in one system. Furthermore, communication with trainers and participants should take place and be documented in the system. Finally, the website should include a course search and registration form.

High flexibility thanks to Low-Code

The seminar management system was created with the Low-Code platform Intrexx from United Planet. With its available modules, it enables users to quickly and economically implement individual solutions. The MBKS system consists of the modules: CRM, Course Planning, Course Performance, Reports, Documents and Master Data Administration. Thanks to Low-Code, the applications can be flexibly adapted to new requirements at any time. 

The information required for the entire system is managed under the menu point “Stammdaten” (Master data). Here, data, such as regions, course locations, document priorities and course categories, the various statuses for courses and participants, and the course types (course templates) can be entered and managed.

In the “CRM” area, all companies, people, trainers and course participants are managed. In a trainer calendar, all unavailable dates of the trainers are managed here. The calendar makes course planning much easier. When a trainer is assigned to a course, an appointment is automatically created in the trainer calendar. This means that appointment conflicts are already considered when planning the courses.

Under the menu point “Kursplanung” (Course planning), all courses are administrated. This includes the creation and editing of courses, as well as of text blocks and documents for the courses and tasks to be completed by employees. Trainers can be booked for a course, and these trainers automatically receive an email confirming this booking. A course can be published and released for viewing on the website. The course appears in different overviews (list, calendar, map) and can be booked directly by the visitors. Once they’ve booked, the visitor automatically receives a confirmation. Interested customers can be added to each course so that these can be won as participants later. Participants can also be manually added to a course in the system. The running of the course is supported from start to finish. The participant receives various information and documents from the system: confirmation of registration, participation invoice, course information with directions and a hotel list, and, once they’ve completed the course, they receive a certificate of participation.

If a course is cancelled, all participants automatically receive the appropriate information and, if they’ve already been invoiced, they receive an invoice correction per email. This also occurs if a participant cancels within the corresponding cancellation period. A waiting list is created for each course and this is used in the case of a cancellation. It’s also possible for participants to switch their booking to another course.

In the “Berichtswesen” (Reports) area, statistics regarding the courses are generated. These statistics help optimize the future planning of courses. Course statistics, participant statistics and over-booked course statistics all help in this optimization.

The “Dokumente” (Documents) area contains all documents created by the system, as well documents uploaded by participants, with the corresponding connections to the course, participant, location etc.

  • Optimization of the entire planning and performing of courses
  • Central work platform (employees no longer need to switch between systems) – all data is available in one system
  • Location-independent access, highly accepted by employees and partners
  • Integration of course search and registration on the website
  • Highly expandable and flexible

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