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Balzer Garten- und Landschaftsbau Natursteinhandel GmbH

“The application structure makes it very easy to dock and swap apps. This makes developing new applications seem much more sustainable, and you can make the ideas you develop available to others.”

Jakob Zech, Technical Management/Construction Management
at Balzer Garten- und Landschaftsbau Natursteinhandel GmbH

Tradition meets digital gardening

Cas d'utilisation : Collaboration, Intranet, Automatisation des processus, Intégration des données
Produits: Connecteur pour OData, Intrexx Share
Partner: genesis markets Johannes Sprenger

With a company history spanning around 150 years, Balzer is an established name in the landscape gardening sector. The company, which was founded in 1872 in central Hesse, now employs more than 60 people and offers a wide range of outdoor services from gardening and landscaping, green roofing, water systems and swimming ponds to planting and maintaining gardens. An intranet facilitates central project communication for all these sites and provides employees from all areas with central access to information. In addition, a social intranet, an iOS app and integrated data from the existing ERP system all ensure an optimal flow of information between all departments and employees.

Balzer Garten- und Landschaftsbau Natursteinhandel GmbH boasts a long tradition. Back in 1872, Joh. I Balzer began to plant gardens in the old district of Biedenkopf. Since then, the company has been family-owned and has mastered all the ups and downs of time. By utilizing the latest technologies such as construction equipment or even aerial drones, Balzer is consistently keeping pace with the times. This professional standard is also reflected in the intranet and other software applications being used. 30 of the 60 employees already use the Intrexx-based system in their daily work and can access central data from anywhere as well as work with third-party systems (such as the ERP system) from the portal as a result.

Not doing things by halves - a central portal for the entire company

The requirements for the new portal were numerous and had to reflect the company's professionalism at the digital level as well.

The key challenge for the new system was to centralize project communications for service operations and make information accessible to employees from all areas. To this end, the system should also provide functions to enable the automated creation of folder structures on file servers. This should significantly reduce the administrative burden for the numerous service areas. At the same time, access to the documents and information should be guaranteed via Windows file sharing as well as via the FileWalker element for mobile access.

A ticket system and task management system should also enable central control of the company's activities. Last but not least, employees should be able to exchange information on an internal company platform – even while traveling. A big challenge!

The solution: A central Intrexx portal with social collaboration functions

Until Intrexx was introduced, a variety of tools were used to accomplish these tasks. However, none of the solutions was convincing due to the lack of integration between the different areas and the inability to access ERP data. However, this connection always represented a central component in the task processing. With Intrexx, this connection has now been established so that Balzer's employees can use this core data within the various submodules and utilize it for their daily work. At the same time, these submodules can retroactively populate the ticket management and task management systems, meaning the layers can work together seamlessly and corporate activities can be controlled centrally. Intrexx Share, as a social collaboration solution, consolidated this important information for all employees in one place and also makes it available on the go via an iOS app. In this way, office staff and employees at the various sites are interconnected in a highly modern manner.

It was already clear in the preliminary stages that inflexible solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint would not meet these requirements, and that both individuality and the ability to integrate existing systems into the platform had top priority. Due to its low-code features and the available applications, Intrexx not only offers efficient application development (the entire project was realized in only 8 months), but it was also possible to integrate Intrexx Share, a site management system, the IPRO QM Suite, and a personnel management system from the very beginning.

Thanks to the process automation provided by Intrexx, file sharing structures based on ERP orders and tasks are automatically generated when the status of orders in the ERP system changes. In addition, employees can define their own tasks that are then triggered. Sites are created in the system based on ERP orders, which in turn are used to create corresponding Share projects and Share groups for coordinating and processing the projects internally in a fully automated manner. Furthermore, the logistics system is filled with master data from the ERP system (articles, equipment, employees, cost centers, sites, etc.) and transaction data is transferred back to the ERP system.

All these fully automated processes not only lead to significantly increased efficiency in daily work but also reduce any errors. This lowers administrative costs and greatly improves communication and coordination between all stakeholders.

Continuous development

In line with the company's own philosophy: “Achieve added value through technical and organizational superiority”, further developments are already in the pipeline. For example, in the future, not only will vacation management be realized with the Intrexx portal, but a complete extranet will also professionalize the integration of external stakeholders (customer access, architects, etc.) and raise it to a significantly higher level.

The numerous highlights

  • Quickly and individually customizable thanks to low-code
  • Social collaboration functions with Intrexx Share
  • Integration of external data from different systems
  • Modeling and documentation of business processes

Tags: Social intranet, Data integration, Process automation

genesis markets Johannes Sprenger
genesis markets Johannes Sprenger

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