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Exemple de réussite: Organisations à but non lucratif

Bathildisheim e.V.

“Many aspects of the company landscape in our office are changing because of digitalization. Therefore, our portal software must be flexible and customizable so that we can implement change processes and requirements quickly in the future. With Intrexx, we have found a product that we see as an integral part of our application landscape.” 

Lars Riehm, System Administrator

Digital workplace thanks to low code: Ideal combination of self-developed and ready-made applications

Cas d'utilisation : Automatisation des processus
Secteurs: Organisations à but non lucratif
Produits: Connecteur pour Microsoft Exchange, Intrexx Share, Applications individuelles, Connecteur pour OData, Connecteur pour Microsoft Office
Partner: genesis markets Johannes Sprenger

The Karl Preising School, the “mein weg” areas with housing offers for children, teenagers and adults, the North Hessen Vocational Training Center and the workshop for handicapped people characterize the tasks of the Bathildisheim e.V. which was founded in 1905. As a member of the Diakonie Hessen and with its confession to the Christian faith, the tasks of the Bathildisheim e.V. and its approximately 900 employees are clear: The professional and committed help and support of people with handicaps. About 1,200 clients benefit from the services in the areas of living, work, education, culture and sports on a daily basis. This also includes offers for inclusive living and working, as well as inclusive schools and training centers.

The challenge was to provide the 900 staff members in different locations with daily information and to create a central communication channel for the entire organization. No small task. And it was made even more difficult by the fact that care employees did not have access to their own computer. Mobile-first design was a must from the very beginning.

The aim was to include employees in the organization’s processes and to model and digitalize internal procedures to make them clearer. This also involved implementing classic intranet functions such as canteen plans, news, a blog, a bulletin board, an event calendar, a project management system, etc. An important point was to simplify IT administration processes with an AD connection and to automate administrative tasks by providing self-service functions for staff members. All of this should be topped off with a social intranet and a smartphone app.

After an internal evaluation process, Intrexx was chosen. The decisive aspect – along with numerous other benefits – was the ability to fully customize Intrexx to the work processes of Bathildisheim e.V. While many other systems only allowed for predefined workflows, Intrexx provided the exact amount of flexibility needed and integrated itself into the application landscape almost seamlessly. This was primarily achieved through the out-of-the-box connectors (Exchange) and the ODBC integration. Moreover, the low-code development framework allows them to create fully customized applications like the staff directory.

The development was accompanied by the partner genesis markets that provided the corresponding workshops and were always ready to help with their expertise.

Despite the large number of customizations and the individually developed applications, the implementation took a mere six months.

Intrexx has created a place where all employees can communicate at eye-level. Furthermore, they can now update their contact information themselves; all other employees in the organization can transparently retrieve this information. The updated information is then synchronized to the AD via a workflow.

IT costs will be reduced in 2020 thanks to the application for IT service management that is in development. Additionally, project work can be moved to the intranet – including task management and a ticket system.

As well as the native smartphone app, the internal communication and workshops, the so-called key users, who were already involved in the development stage of the applications, were crucial to the success. As a result, the portal was designed for the requirements of the employees.

The first expansions are already being planned. In the future, all processes that relate to staff administration should be provided as a self-service in the intranet. More precisely, this means:

  • IT service management with a shopping basket and release processes
  • Project application with a task management system
  • Ticket system for all departments
  • Internal ordering system

The highlights

  • Implementation took just six months despite the large number of customizations
  • Self-developed staff directory
  • Full mobile access for employees without their own computer
  • Connectors enable data to be exchanged between existing systems
  • Self-service functions relieve the IT department
  • Reduction of IT costs and acceleration of projects
  • Additional applications and functions are already being planned

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genesis markets Johannes Sprenger
genesis markets Johannes Sprenger

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