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Exemple de réussite: Commerce

Alexander Bürkle

"3 years ago, I didn’t know what an intranet is capable of, today, I program most of the applications myself. I can also implement the smallest suggestions immediately with Intrexx; this guarantees high acceptance. Being able to immediately make something myself instead of waiting for service providers, I like that!"

Ulrike Berger
Head of the Alexander Bürkle Academy

From 0 to intranet in 8 months. With no IT knowledge.

Cas d'utilisation : Collaboration
Secteurs: Commerce
Produits: Connecteur pour Microsoft Exchange, Connecteur pour OData, Intrexx Share

Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co. KG is a wholesale enterprise with 20 locations for electronic and electrotechnical products. As the market leader in south-west Germany, the company offers a broad spectrum of products, consisting of 1.5 million articles in the areas of building services, industry engineering, renewable energies and consumer electronics. On a national level, electrical installation companies, manufacturing companies and specialist retailers are supervised. On an international level, wholesale customers represent the focus of customer relations. The company places emphasis on apprenticeships and further education, that’s why a good 10 percent of the 700 employees are apprentices.

The aim of introducing the intranet was to improve the communication and information exchange between employees and also between branches and the main office. In addition, management processes were to be simplified and standardized. Before the introduction of Intrexx there was still no intranet. The introduction wasn’t led by the IT department but by the Alexander Bürkle Academy. In the meantime, an intranet team comprising of members from the academy, IT department and corporate communications is responsible for directing and coordinating the intranet.

Independence from external providers thanks to Low-Code

While researching the appropriate intranet system, Intrexx and SharePoint made the shortlist. Intrexx was the final choice. As well as the substantially low launch and consequential costs, the ability to develop applications by oneself with Low-Code Development was decisive. They wanted to be independent of external service contractors. Another advantage was the speed of implementation. After just 8 months the new intranet could go live. The apprenticeship management system was even available after just 2 months. In the apprenticeship application employees can always see which occupational development an apprentice is currently working through, which stations they have already completed or will complete, when they are at the career school or at an internal staff training. Depending on their access permissions, the HR department or the management can access reports and evaluations. Apprentices have access to their own evaluations, they are reminded when they need to hand in their reports and kept up-to-date about the appointments in the junior academy. Instead of organizing requests about 5 different job descriptions in various academic years across the entire south-west of Germany, all information is now just one click away. For example, apprentices can view the content they need to learn for each station at any time and can then specifically take what they need. This increases the quality of their training. Responsibilities are clearly defined with the new intranet. As an example, this guarantees that the evaluations are always made by the same person. The intranet reduces multiple queries and relieves the specialized departments greatly.

  • Very quick implementation in both introducing and making changes
  • Do-it-yourself application development instead of expensive service contracts
  • Massive reduction in workload across all departments
  • High level of acceptance from the employees

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