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Intrexx Case Study: Commerce

KFB Clarfeld Germany GmbH

“With Intrexx, we were able to implement the ISO standard in our company quickly and straightforwardly. By integrating the software, we have created a good basis on which we can continuously monitor and improve our processes.”

Jens-Peter Clarfeld, Managing Director KFB Clarfeld Germany GmbH

The avenue to ISO standard 9001

Cas d'utilisation : Automatisation des processus
Secteurs: Commerce
Produits: Intrexx Share, Applications individuelles
Partner: United Synergy GmbH

KFB Clarfeld Germany is a German family business that has been working in the area of ball bearing technology for 40 years. Over the years, KFB has specialized in the manufacturing and development of ball bearings, rolling-element bearings, chains and sprockets, and has developed into an internationally sought-after expert as a result. They put particular emphasis on sustainability and the highest possible quality of their products. Therefore, KFB acts in the scope of the quality management ISO 9001:2015.

Implementing the ISO standard entails a large amount of documentation. To meet the requirements of this documentation, filing structures etc. straightforwardly, they wanted to introduce a uniform, functional system as a solution. The continual digitalization in the company in particular provided the necessary motivation to completely do away with documentation on paper and improve processes prone to errors at the same time. Linking the individual applications together was the focus here. This should lead to improved action planning and a clearer definition of responsibilities.

Improve the quality of processes and close in on the ISO standard

The introduction of the Intrexx portal had a very positive impact on the continuous improvement process at KFB. It created a significant reduction in workload regarding the documentation of the QM system and for staff. The application “Dokumente” (Documents) generates a document structure that meets required ISO standards and provides a convenient overview of templates, records, procedural instructions and much more. Documents can be assigned and filed optimally with the classification into departments and categories.

One of the main requirements of the ISO standard is the self-assessment of the management. In the application “Managementbewertung” (Management Assessment), KFB now has a simple way to define criteria that should be assessed and to determine the period and time of the review. To counteract the difficulty of regulating actions to be taken, activities and processes necessary to reach strategic goals can be recorded simultaneously. Additionally, a monitoring function, in the form of deadlines, supports the continuous improvement process. The optimized implementation of projects also brings relief and improves the internal communication in the company and arrangements within the team through Intrexx Share. As KFB works internationally, the CRM application not only regulates communication with customers, but also serves as a tool for sales management to document the actions of external employees and to exchange information.  

Required meetings, especially the quarterly meeting in the scope of the quality management, are documented with the minutes application and the necessary actions are assigned. The resulting target-performance overview enables them to regulate their actions optimally. Leave requests can be sent to the HR department with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the knowledge within the company can be made available in one place. The implementation of the measurement technology has provided a noticeable process optimization. The respective reports from the measuring processes are recorded and these accompany the corresponding bearings in the subsequent process steps.

  • Greatly simplified and efficient quality management
  • Digitalization of many work processes
  • Knowledge exchange and management
  • Trackable action planning and continuous improvement process
  • Quality assurance

United Synergy GmbH

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