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“I am absolutely convinced that the future of customer management is in portals. This is obvious because with a portal solution like Intrexx, you have a lot more options. We would definitely do everything the same way again!”

Michael Drönner | Head of the e-Business Department | SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa GmbH

Customer service is the best evidence

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SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa GmbH is one of the leading service and system providers for the energy infrastructure of utility and industrial companies in Germany. The company faces a digital challenge: more than 45,000 customers need to be managed as easily as possible. To model all aspects of customer  management, the mySAP CRM was to be replaced by a new web-based sales portal.

Clarity in customer management ensures ideal service

To ensure the highest level of customer proximity, SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa GmbH is extensively present with approximately 100 locations. With a customer base of around 45,000 customers, customer management is a big challenge – the number of offers created each year alone ranges between 15,000 and 20,000. To keep track of all of these numbers and to be able to respond to the individual needs of each customer, the new customer management system should, in particular, be easy to use. The employees in the Sales Department should have clear and speedy access to comprehensive information about each customer and the offers. Additionally, the system should be accessible from any location. They needed an extranet.

Interlocking processes and location-independent access

With Intrexx, it was possible to set up a highly customized CRM system. The sales processes from the various departments were improved by making it simpler to record and search for customer data during the respective offer phase. The entire lifecycle of an offer can be tracked in the system. Offer overviews and individual reports can be created very quickly.

Modifications to the system can be carried out without complications and ensure the highest level of adaptability. This ensures that the system is highly accepted by the employees and guarantees continuous improvement.

As was the case with mySAP CRM, the new customer management system can also connect to the existing SAP ERP system. With its Connector for SAP, Intrexx has read and write access to SAP data. In this way, customers and offers can be recorded and managed consistently and without media disruptions. This means the entire process chain for the creation of offers is interlocked and automated. Because the solution with Intrexx is web-based, a uniform level of information across the company’s locations is ensured.


  • Noticeably more comprehensive customer service
  • Level of information is more uniform across locations
  • Increased revenue from existing customers

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