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“The Intrexx portal provides us with a decisive competitive advantage. It optimizes processes, improves the internal communication and supports our customer service team with information and services for their daily tasks.”

Georg Fell, IT Manager

Under one roof

Cas d'utilisation : Extranet
Secteurs: Construction
Produits: Connecteur pour Microsoft Exchange, Connecteur pour OData

The investigation brought them to the extranet: Since its founding, STREIF has constructed over 80,000 homesteads in Germany. For the most part, sales are handled by a country-wide organization consisting of approximately 80 franchises. They wanted to bring all of these under one roof, a digital one.

Germany-wide connection and central administration

STREIF wanted every franchisee to have constant access to the latest information and materials to provide customer care at the highest level. For this reason, STREIF made the decision to create a collaborative extranet. In the future, this was to be a central location for managing information and processes.

Standardized customer care and consistent quality

Intrexx provided an ideal basis: many ready-made applications, which could be customized to the individual business processes of STREIF, and a web-based interface that enables these to be used from anywhere. This allows the franchisee to access the portal conveniently in their browser. The implemented extranet collates the information relevant to the respective franchise representative and leads them through each of the support steps. From the first contact, via the offer and contract signing through to the construction approval and customer care afterwards, all of the steps are standardized. Customers are provided with consistent support with the same quality standards at all times.

The STREIF employees can also keep track of all of the data: they can retrieve the project status and perform analysis or controlling via the portal. Neither paper nor emails are required to achieve this. Every process is digitalized and the extranet enables direct communication with the franchisees.

The four big online real estate exchanges – ImmobilienScout 24, ImmoWelt, Immonet and Immopool – are also provided with data via the portal. All of the data for the various houses now only needs to be recorded once centrally. Enquiries about the objects can also be recorded clearly and manageably in the Intrexx portal. These are transferred from the internet to the CRM system.

In this way, STREIF uses the extranet to connect its headquarters, franchisees and the online exchanges in one powerful network under the banner of customer care.


  • Digitalized processes simplify and standardize customer care
  • Sales documents and product information can be viewed at all times
  • Offer processing and controlling via the portal

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