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StudienStiftungSaar minimizes bureaucratic effort with Intrexx

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To support the students at the colleges in the state, the Saarland state government founded the private-law StudienStiftungSaar in 2009. Funded with a capital of six million Euro, the StudienStiftungSaar has financed more than 2000 scholarships to date. They provide support for the following areas: MINT (Mathematics, IT, Natural Sciences, Technology), Economics and Law, Health and Fitness, Music and Art as well as Linguistic, Cultural and Social Sciences. When selecting who should receive a scholarship, a voluntary engagement and the social background are of particular interest for the StudienStiftungSaar.

The StudienStiftungSaar is facing the challenge of efficiently organizing the application and appraisal process in a way that meets the individual application requirements for the various scholarships and that integrates all of the relevant parties (academic foundation, colleges, applicants, appraisers) while minimizing the bureaucratic effort.

Online application portal facilitates the fair awarding of scholarships

By developing an Intrexx online application portal, the StudienStiftungSaar was able to implement the requirements. As well as developing the corresponding applications for managing master data, for applicants to register electronically and for implementing a registry process for user accounts, existing text content from the previous website also needed to be migrated into the Intrexx portal being developed. Based on the existing online presence of the StudienStiftungSaar, a corresponding layout for the Intrexx portal was developed and implemented.
The awarding of 66 different scholarships is currently being administrated in the developed portal. The application process is at the beginning and is supervised by the foundation or the colleges. In the portal, pupils and students can see which scholarships are currently being advertised and then apply for them. Applicants can create a profile on the page and upload their record of achievement, CV, personal statement and if required, other required forms. During the application process, the users can view information about the status of their application at all times. This is achieved with the implemented “post-box system” so that confidential, personal information isn’t sent via email.

Shorter processing times thanks to simplified work for appraisers

As well as the application process, the subsequent appraisal process was also implemented into the Intrexx portal. Once an application has been submitted, college lecturers and professors are assigned as appraisers. These are then provided with access to the application system and can create and upload their appraisal in the scope of the selection process. Once the appraisal process has been completed, the applicants receive a notification in the application portal as to whether their scholarship has been approved or denied.
Since implementing the application portal in 2015, more than 3,000 applicants have registered in the system and have submitted a total of about 3,300 scholarship applications to date.

The homepage of the online application portal The portal simplifies the application process greatly

Screenshot #1:The homepage of the online application portal
Screenshot #2: The portal simplifies the application process greatly

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