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WEKO Wohnen GmbH

Knowledge exchange and process reliability in retail

Secteurs: Commerce
Produits: Connecteur pour Microsoft Exchange, Connecteur pour Microsoft Office, Connecteur pour OData, Applications individuelles

In Bayern, the name WEKO stands for high-quality furniture and the best service. WEKO furniture department stores are located in Pfarrkirchen, Rosenheim and Eching. As well as these, the company covers the discount area with the variety store “Schleudermaxx” in Hebertsfelden and Rosenheim. Furthermore, garden furniture is also distributed via the online shop “”. In total the corporate group employs approximately 1,200 employees. Based on a customer survey in Passau, Rosenheim, and Deggendorf, the company has been voted year after year as the best furniture department store in the region.

The portal was originally set up with the objective of offering a ticket system for IT support. So that the corporate group could outpace their competitors, the portal should additionally improve the coordination of internal workflows. The solution should connect employees and also handle processes and administrative tasks.

Using the low-code software Intrexx, a comprehensive enterprise portal was set up. This maps the processes of multiple business divisions ranging from sales and administration to business management. Internal workflows can be handled much more flexibly and efficiently with it and the applications are widely diversified.

For example, the customer support was simplified by enabling the salesmen to enter all of the specifications into the portal for custom-made products. The calculated sales price is shown immediately. The process documentation also provides a considerable advantage. A wiki assumes responsibility for managing and distributing process diagrams. An automated audit and release process is also included here, as well as a connection to the visualization tool MS Visio. By using this knowledge database, processes can be standardized and the employees’ knowledge is increased deliberately. The enterprise resource planning benefits from the portal’s various evaluation options.

The portal also provides the customers with a special service: parents can “checkin” their children to the provided childcare while they shop using the WEKOCARD. Because all relevant data is already collated here, this guarantees that the child is also collected by the correct person.

  • Processes greatly simplified
  • Clear process documentation
  • Various evaluation options
  • Automation of processes

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