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Autohaus Widmann + Winterholler GmbH

"Without Intrexx, the key information in the company wouldn’t reach our employees. Processes would be noticeably slower and performing them on paper and with Excel would be more complex. Thanks to the construction kit system with Intrexx, you can create big and small applications for your own company quickly. The App Store provides many useful applications that can be customized easily."

Mr. Maik Niemann, Commercial Director, Autohaus Widmann + Winterholler GmbH

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Cas d'utilisation : Collaboration
Secteurs: Automobile
Produits: Intrexx Share, eProcurement Studio pour Intrexx, Applications individuelles
Partner: PortalConsult GmbH

Widmann + Winderholler GmbH has made a name for itself as an authorized dealer for BMW and MINI in Upper Bavaria and Allgäu in particular. The company was created from the merger of the two car dealerships Widmann and Winterholler and the car dealer Mendler. The contractual partnerships go back as far as 1960. Meanwhile the car dealership Widmann + Winderholler GmbH employs more than 300 staff at seven locations.

A few years ago, the authorized dealer was searching for software that would allow them to digitalize their processes and forms efficiently. They aimed to improve workflows, strengthen their customer relationships and ensure greater transparency in the company. It soon became clear that all of these requirements could be met with Intrexx. The car dealership Widmann + Winterholler GmbH was especially convinced by the software’s flexibility and performance. The company has been using Intrexx since 2011. The creation of an individual and effective portal took a total of only about six months.

From efficient communication, via processing orders and exports, through to internal procurement, Intrexx supports the authorized dealer in every area of digital transformation. In particular, the employees benefit from the “Kundencockpit” application (customer cockpit). This is because the application provides them with a 360-degree view of the customers. Which contracts have been signed? Which services are planned, in process or have been employed? And which contacts, offers and test drives has the customer had recently? These questions and more are answered by the customer cockpit. It gathers all information relevant to the customer: Data from different BMW systems for service and sales, the ERP system (incadea.engine) and the digital archive (lobo-dms) are all linked to the Intrexx intranet in this application.

It’s no surprise that the staff at Widmann + Winterholler GmbH readily accepted the portal. As Intrexx is an easy-to-understand software, the induction went very well. Meanwhile, the portal has already simplified the everyday working of 180 of the authorized dealer’s employees. Thanks to Intrexx, they not only ensured that data is processed centrally but they were also able to digitalize processes and make them more efficient.

By introducing Intrexx Share in November 2018, the communication and collaboration in the company is now fast, efficient, transparent and uniform. A key goal is to better network company employees, both across departments and branches. Knowledge and ideas can be exchanged effectively with Intrexx Share. All employees, including workshop staff without their own PC, have been provided with personal access so that everyone can receive and share information at the same level.

  • Quick and straightforward digitalization of processes and forms
  • Central and digital data processing
  • 360-degree view of customers thanks to the customer cockpit application
  • Improved internal communication by introducing Intrexx Share

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