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Intrexx paves your way to digital insurance. The digital transformation has set a tremendous change in motion in the insurance sector. With Intrexx, you position yourself optimally and flexibly for the future: Implement even large modernization projects with critical systems step by step. Offer your policyholders a good user experience with a clear online portal. This increases customer and broker loyalty. Create mobile and web-based applications that increase your operational efficiency. Create more transparency and save time and money with clearly defined, digitalized processes.

Success stories of our customers

How digitalization is done in the insurance sector

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt

AOK Sachsen-Anhalt

Enhancing SAP with Intrexx

The highlights

  • Rapid implementation of user requirements
  • SAP can be modified easily but still stays close to the original
  • Seamless integration into the SAP environment, thanks to low-code

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